Good sleep mask

I thought I had asked this one before, but I don’t see it?

I recently had an upper and lower blepharoplasty and my eyeballs are still swollen and getting to sleep is a bit hard as my eyes spring open on their own. Until I am healed, I need a mask. I have some I got on a cruise, but they irritate my already irritated eyes.

And from anyone who has had same, how long can I expect this problem? I am using a steroid eye drop to reduce the swelling. And don’t talk to me about allergies with healing eye stitches!!

Sleep mask - I use a Tempurpedic sleep mask. It has a cavity over the eyes, which help reduce discomfort. The foam helps it conform to your face, so no light gets in. I can use in a bright open room and have no light come through.

Some people find the foam a little warm on the face, but I don’t find that an issue.

Oh, I think I ordered it from Amazon.