Good story summary sites for Enterprise and Buffy (spoilers)


Without going into embarrassing details, I’ve become kind of interested in getting up to speed on Enterprise and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Can anyone recommend resources for this? The official sites have “episode guides” - but their summaries tend to tease the episode… Buffy must confront a pair of duplicate Xanders rather than Buffy and crew confront a demon that splits Xander into forceful and passive identical twins, and Anya enjoys the forceful Xander moving out of his parents’ basement. After the demon is destroyed, Willow is able to cast a spell to reunite the two.

Recommendations? For either show?

  • Rick

My recomendation is:

I second the UPN site recommendation for Buffy. Click on “Episodes” and you can start out at Season One, and read a detailed synopsis of each and every episode.

If you want even more details, such as complete show recaps scene-by-scene, my absolute fave site is

Television Without Pity

They have both of your shows and the writers are fun and snarky.

For Trek, try Trek Web

bleach - awesome site. Thanks!

  • Rick

Also, Buffy Guide.

Just checking back to once again compliment bleach and thank all the folks for the suggestions above.

I’m embarrassed to admit this in real life, but the relative anonymity of the message board comforts me: I have, in a relatively short time, become a real Buffy tVS fan. I never would have thought it might be the kind of show that would appeal to me, but… well… it’s GOOD. Excellent dialog, stories that really wrap you up and invest you in getting to the end…

I like it.

If you want a humourous send-off of each Enterprise episode, you might want to try Five Minute Enterprise.

Zev Steinhardt has very long summaries of each episode. I looked at Buffy guide and it has a lot of behind the scenes info and some interesting commentary.