Good ways to scan photos in bulk?

I am thinking about scanning in all my old photographs. Does anyone have recommendations for good software or hardware that will make this painful task less painful? Ideally I’d like to get it down to an automated process where I don’t have to do manual things like set the crop and pick a unique filename.

I suspect this is a typical problem and someone out there made some good software that makes this easy.

Thanks in advance…

Definitely a task for someone else to do. Google and find companies that do this for a living. Not only will you save a lot of time, the quality of the first 100 or so pictures will be much better than if you (or I) scan them. Scanning is an art that requires practice and equipment. This assumes you are talking about a significant number of pictures. If you are scanning 50 pics of various sizes, then HP makes good scanners.

A mounted digital camera. You can place the photo in the same place and is the fastest way to do it yourself. Scanners can leave streaks down the whole scan of the photo, and the time is way to long. Some of the older photos would be damaged by removing them from the alblum pages or the old paper photo frames. Using a mounted camera eliminates those problems.