Goodbye Blue Sky: is that a buzz bomb?

The Wikipedia entry for Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Blue Sky” asserts that the sound in the beginning is “the sound of approaching bombers.” Is this known for sure? Is it possible instead that it’s an approaching V-1 buzz bomb?

Vintage recording of V-1 in flight

Recent recording of V-1 pulse jet engine on a test stand

Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Blue Sky” (sound occurs between 10 and 20 seconds from start)

Or were there German bombers that sounded very similar to that?

What’s the question?

Is it, “what is the actual sound used in the song?” or “what is the sound intended to be?”

This is what an actual formation of bombers sounds like over birdsong.

When I first posted, it was the former, i.e. what is the actual sound they used. Wikipedia says it’s bombers, but it sure sounds like a V-1 to me. And in fact the kid (Roger Waters’ own son) refers to a singular airplane, not a formation of multiple planes.

I suppose the latter question is relevant too, i.e. is the recording actually what they thought it was.

Wondering if there’s a definitive source of information somewhere, e.g. an interview with Roger Waters where he says what it is/isn’t.