Goodbye, Sammie?

Where to begin? First, I promise if I have the energy when I get home, there will be pictures. I’m at work now, but anyone that wants to pm me, I can link you to my GFs facebook.

When I started to date my girlfriend about 3 years ago, I also inherited the love of two cats, Lady (white angora) and Sam (red maine coon - mix).  Sam's a bit of a dopey, sad faced guy, but he was pretty big (16.5 lbs) when I first met her.  Sam had some heart issues that she knew about when she adopted him from the shelter (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). He was already a few years old (he's about 9 now, we figure) and they told her 6 months or so, even on meds.

Fast forward to last March, after dating for a while and getting laid off, I moved in.  Sam didnt' seem so happy, and he wasn't eating.  After a day or so of this, we took him in.  Obstipation.  Poor guy wasn't pooping, so we got him flushed out, and got sent home with laxatone.  A few months later, after his perscription is done, it happens again.  Diagnosis of mega colon now, too!  During this time, we'd switched him to a high-fiber diet, and he shed about 3 lbs in 6 months...and became almost hyper.  He's super lovey lately, always wanting to plop on our laps (that is exactly what he does...stands on you then, plop), yelling at us, getting excited, even playing (he was always lazy).  

He's been awesome lately, with a few spats of some mega colon issues, but until this weekend past, these issues blew by.  Several trips to the vet this week, and he's down to 10.3 lbs (was 11.3 lbs two days earlier), and on a scale of 1-6 (6 being bad), his heart is murmuring at about a 5 now, they say.  He still seems like the same cat, just, well, sadder.  He's been begging us for food, but when he smells it, he's just not eating it.  Apparently they gave him some a/d at the vets, and he wolfed it down, so hopefully he's just having some eating issues, but I'm preparing for the worst (as is my GF).  It's been hard to focus today at work.

Your girlfriend may not want you linking internet strangers to her Facebook. That being said…

I’m sorry to hear about the cat. When a cat gets super-lovey who wasn’t before, it’s usually a sign. They seem to know.

Sending healing kitty thoughts your way.

I went through this twice in the past year with my two oldest cats. Love on them as much as possible and hope it turns out well.

Koldanar, I’ve so been where you and your girlfriend are. Sending good kitty vibes your way. Give Sammie some extra loving from all of us.