What is it about cats and this board?

I don’t get it. There have been a lot of threads on people getting new kitties, there have been at least three threads in recent memory that have discussed the death of their kitties.

Now I am taking in my old cat Sam later this afternoon to see how sick he is. I hope there is an easy fix for him.

He pukes when he drinks water, he will not eat food. He limps horribly and has lost a lot of muscle mass. His nose is dry and boogery, his eyes are goopy and he looks like shit really.

I am afraid of what the vet is going to say. I pray that he is not sick enough that he has to be put down, I would be completely devistated if that is the case.

Anyhow, please say a little prayer for my cat. I know that sounds silly but he is my first baby and have had him for 14 years. He’s always been defiant but when he wants love, he’s a big lover. He used to play fetch with those spongy balls you can get at the pet store. He’s a big boy, used to weigh 16 pounds but he’s not a little cat – he has never been fat either. His hind quarters stand about 15 inches or taller.

Ugh, I am dreading this visit to the vet…I hope he is curable, whatever it is he has.

My kitty boys (and myself, of course) are praying for Sam.
We hope that he gets better soon!!

{{{{Sam & techchick68}}}}

I’m not really well versed in cyber hugs, but here goes:


I’ll be pulling for you and your friend. I lost my two within 3 weeks of each other a year ago, (they were 18 and 19 years old), and still tear up at their memory.

The symptoms you list do say your friend is ailing. However, there’s lots that can be done for them. good luck

Aw, tech, good luck with your kitty. I’m hoping for the best for Sam.


I am sending good thoughts your way. I am going to go hug my three furkids now (two cats, one dog).

[slight hijack]
My cat Goblin was diagnosed with a heart murmur about two years ago. My vet told me I had to medicate him every day. The problem is that there was no way I could get him to take the meds without being pissed off at me (and you know how cats hold grudges). I tried pilling him, I tried putting it in butter, tuna, cream cheese, canned food, and all sorts of other thing. No matter what I did, he got pissed. It got to the point that he would only come out of the closet at night when I was in bed, because he knew I wouldn’t pill him then. I finally decided that a happy cat who might not live was long was more important than a pissed-off anti-social cat that would live longer, so I told the vet I was taking him off the meds. He is back to his old lap-fungus self, and is much happier. I didn’t realize how much I missed him sitting on my lap and purring until he started doing it again. So far his condition has not worsened, but I am prepared for the possibility that one day I may come home to a dead cat, or he will take a turn for the worse and I will have to have him put down. But I am still happy with the decision I have made because I know that he is having a happier life, even though it will probably be a shorter one.
My kittens are littermates, so I am also prepared for the liklihood that when one of them goes, the other probably won’t be far behind. :frowning:

So I guess my tangential point is that if things are for the worse, you will know how much you’re are willing to do as far as treatment goes. As painful as it is, you will also know when it is time to say goodbye.

{{{{{{{{techchick and kitty}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Best wishes for you and your cat. I have had several and like to think of them as miniature lions and tigers.
Just please do not humiliate yourself or your animal like this – http://www.monpa.com/dwc/world.html

Thanks guys, I lost it about 10 minutes ago. Of course I am thinking the worst as I tend to do that, something to do with my brain or something.

Anyhow, Sammy will be in the vet’s office in an hour and 20 minutes so your thoughts, good vibes and prayers are especially welcomed at that time.

I pray I can come back with good news. I will not spare any expense to have him live a happy and long life even if my finances are tight at the moment – his life is more important than making my rent.

< damnit, I am tearing up again, sorry but this “kid” means a lot to me >

Well I hope the vet can fix Sam and make him better. Poor kitty :frowning:

When I looked at the title, I thought this was going to be a thread about how weird all we cat people are - :eek:

I hope he’s okay. Good luck at the vet. I’ll be thinking of you and Sam when I get home to my little fur monsters tonight.

Hope your kitty turns out to be OK and it’s nothing serious. If he’s a big cat he can probably hold up better than most to a while without food, and you can always force-feed him if need be until he feels well enough to eat on his own. Good luck at the vet’s, Sam!

Best wishes, techie, for you and Sam.


Awww tech I am sorry about sam. Wish I could help but of course I can’t. Give him an extra hug for me.
Friend of cats,

Sounds like hyperthyroidism. There’s shots for that sort of thing.

Good luck!

I hope he’s alright Techchick! Maybe he’s just got a furball stuck or something. (((Techie 'n kitty)))

Please update us on Sammy, Tech! I hope he’s all right. :^(

big welfy hugs and kisses for Techie and Sammy

I’ve never gotten too close to a cat because I’m very allergic to them. They all know this, of course, so they all try to be my closest, personal friend. It’s a catspiracy.

Just tell your kitty that, if he gets better, he’ll get to sleep on my pillow. He’ll get better just to spite me.

Good luck, Techie and Sam.

< serious tears here >

I am going to have to put him down :frowning: he has bone cancer in his left leg and the vet doesn’t think there is a lot we can do for him.

I could take him to Denver or Ft. Collins to see an expert in animal oncology but he doesn’t think Sam will last much longer.

I have a very difficult decision to make over the next 24 - 36 hours and I don’t know what to do. I know in my heart the best thing is to put him down but he’s my baby and I don’t want to loose him. I may go with the vet’s idea of trying a steriod shot to see if he can get his appetite and his thirst back but I am not sure it’s going to help.

At least with the steriod I could prolong his life another week or so and deal with the grief and pain of having him euthanized when my family is back in town. They are all in Hawaii at the moment, bad timing.

He’s just too old and frail to go through chemotherapy and other radical treatments.

Damn. I’ve been checking back on this hoping to see the results.

((((((((((((((((((Techchick and friend)))))))))))))))))

I am so sorry for both of you.

You and Sam are in my thoughts.
If I may be so bold, please consider the steroid shot.
Most importsntly, make positive waves.

Oh, hell, techie, that’s a tough thing to hear. Those of us who have loved a pet and lost them can all feel the same.

{tc} - My best crying shoulder is yours, and I’ll hold on as long as you need.

– Bob