My subscription expires today and I won’t be renewing. Actually, it was supposed to expire Monday, but with the extension and all…

I thought for a long time whether to post this thread or just sort of disappear like so many other Dopers have. I’ve been accused of being an attention whore sometimes, and it may even be true, ( :slight_smile: ). I didn’t know if I should post why I was leaving, or just leave it out. (I’ve since decided to leave it out…let’s just say I feel it is for the best.) I may be back when there is free posting.

In the end, I figured, nearly everyone on a message board has some sort of attention-whorishness in them. And I really wanted to say thank you and good bye to the nice Dopers.

So, thank you to:

** Cervaise ** – for being so fucking funny it hurts
**Rick ** – for helping me diagnose my car trouble
All of the Mumpers, of course
Miller , for when he uses one-liners, he can occasionally even beat Cervaise
Really Not All That Bright …just because
**Revenant Threshold ** for an amazingly nice and generous compliment he gave me not too long ago
Ascenray for teaching so much about Indian culture…even teaching me some things, especially on caste. That goes for Dervorin , indian , and for the other Indian or semi-Indian Dopers.
What Exit? Just for being SUCH a nice guy. I mean, he’s like a big puppy. Saint Bernard, probably.
Kalhoun , Dangerosa , Diosa Bellisima , Rubystreak , rigs , and all of the other strong women of the Dope, even when I have disagreed with them on one thing or another
Malacandra , Arr Matey! , Skald the Rhymer , FinnAgain , and numerous others for opening my mind to a myriad of different things
SkipMagic for being a friendly guy
All of the people I interacted with during the various exchanges
All of the people I interacted with in Café Society…the forum that made it most worthwhile to be here.
Czarcasm for being extremely down to earth and sensible
OtakuLoki , for reminding me that sometimes it’s OK to be selfish

And lots lots more, especially the regular contributors in GQ, who really take their time to answer questions patiently. But I know there’s tons of people I have missed.

Lots of love to:
Dung Beetle
Noone Special
Mama Tiger
Swampy - happybirthday!
Mr Bus Guy

And dozens others. Thanks to all of the Dopers for making this such a fun place to be!

So - bye!

Oh. I really wish you’d stay!

Oh, come back soon. I like your posts.

Well, I’m sorry to see you go. We need a variety of different cultural perspectives on this board, and you helped to provide that. So – I hope you miss us, and eventually decide that you have to return.

I’ll miss you, even if you don’t like metric. :slight_smile:

You’re one of the ones whose posts drew my attention. Take care, have fun, and be happy! :slight_smile:

You’ll never leave my perverted day dreams.

I don’t think I’m alone in wondering why? You allude to a reason but don’t state it, so I’ll ask, Why?

You are a valued and respected poster so naturally inquiring minds are going to want to know, and since you’re leaving anyway there’s little point to keeping it a secret.

Either way, I wish you luck and we’ll miss you.

But, but, but…

We’ve just started to hang out a little bit…


A hard wooden chair awaits your return.


I hate this. :frowning:

I hope you return Anaamika. The board will be diminished with you leaving. Enjoy the vacation and remember, you will always be welcomed back. (Especially if you bring pie.)

If you change your mind and the board still hasn’t gone free, I would be happy to sponsor you if that would help.

I’ll miss you,

Bye 'mika, I’ll miss you. I found your posts fun and full of interesting facts.

Gonna miss you girl! It’s always a pleasure to talk to you. If you ever want to chat in future my email is in my profile. (AIM is the same name)

Bye, Meeks.

:: sniff::

Waaah! I’ll miss you, Anaamika!

I don’t think it’s in the least “attention whorish” to say goodbye, especially when you are as friendly and outgoing as you are. And that said, I would have just been left wondering where you went.

So, may there be many blessings ahead for you 'mika and know that you’ll be sorely missed. Lots hugs!

I’m sorry to see you go, 'Mika, and I’ll miss ya 'round here. Neither the MMP nor the rest of the board will be the same without you. I hope you return someday.

Say, uh… mods, just how is that free posting thing coming along anyway? Think we might see something tonight? Tonight would be good.

The honor I feel for being the first named in your list of thanks is dwarfed by my sadness at your departure.

I’m gonna miss you around here! Bye. :frowning:

I’ve always noticed and liked your posts…I’ll be sorry to see you go.