Goodbyes are never easy so just FUCK OFF, facial polyp!

I went to the doctors a couple of days ago to have a facial polyp removed. I’ve had this thing hanging off my face, just below my left, lower eyelid for a couple of years now but just lately it’s been getting bigger. It’s not huge or anything, even now, but I really don’t want it anymore as it’s just started to be noticable in my vision.

Anyhow, I went to the doctor, thinking that he would just cut the sucker loose, but no. He grabbed it with a pair of tweezers and pulled on it - I swear, you wouldn’t believe how elastic this thing is, it stretched about an inch - and just applied some really really cold spray to the skinny little bit that connects it to my face. He told me that it will now die and fall of in a couple of weeks.

Not what I wanted to hear but, hell, I’ve had the thing for two years, another two weeks isn’t going to kill me.

Then I wake up this morning.

The fucking thing is turning dark blue! What was hardly noticable a few days ago is suddenly very, very noticable and will remain that way for maybe two fucking weeks till it drops off in my fucking corn flakes or something!

Fuck you polyp and fuck you doc for inflicting a lingering death on it instead of going for a quick, clean kill!

Are you going to call the doctor and make sure this is normal?

You know, for a moment I actually thought **Facial Polyp ** was some member’s name. I really should get some coffee. So, who dropped necrotic tissue in your Corn Flakes™ this morning, Legion?

I’m sorry – it sounds like the kind of annoying thing that seems trivial at first but you just can’t ignore it and is driving you straight up the wall.

Please do not attempt to evict the little face-tenant yourself, though.

Put a bandaid over it.

I’m actually getting quite used to the blue colour. What’s really bugging me now is that the damn polyp seems to have gotten wood! It’s sticking straight out instead of laying flat like it used to. :frowning:

Put a bandaid over it.

Rigor mortis?


Bandaid, bandaid, always with the goddamn bandaid!

I’m just saying… a bandaid and and maybe an eye-patch, and no one will even notice the polyp.

I have just Google-Imaged facial polyp - safesearch OFF, even - with completely unsatisfactory results. I don’t mean to sound callous [hee hee] here but do you think you could, um, scuffles feet, looks down take a picture of it?
Oh come on! Imagine the hilarity.

Everyone’s doing it.

It will make you popular.

Boys will like you more.

Goodness, I also thought it was a Doper. Whoops.

So is a polyp like one of those skin tags older ladies seem to get, or is it, er, meatier? Are we talking tentacles here?

If so, did you consider the career it might have had in Japan before you cut its life brutally short?

You asked for it!

Oh my God, it is a doper. At least it looks as I’ve been picturing the guy I’ve been pointlessly arguing with over in another forum for the last three hours.

To be honest, Legion, I hope it completes its death throes soon, but as an impartial observer, I must say it doesn’t seem a hideous disfigurement. Then, I have to deal with my own face every day. Take comfort in the knowledge that it will soon be gone and forgotten.

Ferchrissakes, from your description I thought I’d see a dead, conjoined twin hanging from your face. It’s not that bad, legion. Just looks like a mole.

Oh-- you do know that you have to keep it, don’t you? Put it in a jar of alcohol and name it. I think it looks like a Walter, myself. :slight_smile:

:::swoons and faints:::

For what it’s work, you have lovely…er, eye. :smiley:

That’s it? That’s the hideous blue behemoth bestriding your face?


You wanna see gross? You wanna see what I went out in public with a few days after surgery to remove a thyroglossal duct cyst? How 'bout this, huh?

Well, okay, so I did cover most of the area (including the drain under that small bandage) with a large gauze pad. Still!

Wimp. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh great! You had to say that! I’m going in to get a large cervical polyp removed Monday!

I like to call the stiffening after death “Diagra.”

Uh legion, I think you been punked out dude.