Tattoo Cyst

A bad tattoo causes a pocket of infection…GF pulls chunks of “bubble gum” out of his back until…BINGO!

Other than the complete lack of basic sanitary and communicable disease precautions (not to mention lack of proper instrumentation and horrible technique), looks like just another day in the office to me.

Tattoo Cyst

Band name!

What’s with putting that shit on his arm?


Funnily enough, the next thread after this one is “home surgery fails.”

What, exactly, IS the “pink bubble gum” material that’s being pulled out of there? Dead skin/fat/muscle? Coagulated pus? Dark matter from a parallel universe?

Looks like wet stuffing material/cotton.

I am never ever clicking on that link. Ever.

Cyst capsule? But that doesn’t explain why the worst stuff comes out after all the solid material is gone. I thought the capsule encapsulated the ickies, not blocked them into the surrounding tissue.

WTF with putting “trophies” on the person’s lower forearm?

Interesting range of, er, debris coming out of there…

Are they using a shirt to mop up some of that? And towels.

Wow, that’s an epic quantity of pus at the end.

Geez, how about seeing an actual doctor for something that bad?

I’ve popped my share of my own pockets-o-pus and had chunks come out.
Does pus become “fibrous” under certain conditions?

Yes, it can. It can form a core which must be removed, as should any loculations, which is a $10 word for pockets that can form around the main pus chamber. If a cavity remains, it needs to be packed so it can stay open and drain; the packing is removed, and possibly replaced, a couple days later.

Now that I actually looked at the link, I just want to say that this clip has been online for a long time (it was the chunks on his arm :eek: that gave it away) and let’s face it: if he could afford all that ink, he could have afforded to have it done correctly by a physician.


Seconded. We should start a support group

At the end, it looked like you could pump about 10 barrels a day from that well.

I’m right there with you, sister.

I know but why am I still tempted. Somehow I want to know if I can take it. I can’t take it, can I?

It’s just purulent drainage. You can’t smell it. That is the tough part to get used to (and I have).

It is amazing how much puss the human body can produce.

This case, it was pressurized.