Zit threads redux (TMI)

In the tradition of threads like this one, this one, and, of course, this one:

Not a pimple story… exactly. Well, it looked like a pimple. It was,
in fact, a breast.

I got my rings done the year before, so they were healed. I don’t know
where the infection came from. It wasn’t a piercing infection- the
bacteria (Gram negative) passed down the mammary duct into the actual

At first, I only noticed a knot. I thought it would go away. Yeah.

As the weeks, passed, the hard lump got bigger and bigger. I knew
something had to be done. I was put on bacteriostatic antibiotics &
kept a hot, wet towel on it for a long time every night. Nothing but

I switched to Clindamycin, known for some Gram negative activities as
a bacteriocidal antibiotic. I was given topical creams and had to use
a compress of wet Epsom salt. It was a nightmare of a rigid lump that
was invading my left breast. I grew a cup size or a cup and a half. I
laughed at every guy who leered, knowing he wasn’t thinking, “Oh, mamma,
check out the festering pus factory on that babe!”

At some point during all of this, the area around the areola began to
soften underneath. I took the opportunity of loose pus to go ahead and
do more damage to my boob by using a syringe with too small of a
needle to try and get it to drain. I used the suction to get it to
come oozing out after i had removed the apparatus. This so did not

Whatever, I kept doing it- getting almost nothing each try.

Few days go by, and this fucker is so full of pus that it’s heavy and
hurts. I called a plastic surgeon friend who referred me to a friend
of hers who would drain it for me, but somehow, I didn’t end up at the
chinatown hospital.

With all options considered, I went to the chinese herbalist where my
grandmother goes when she’s not well. I was given a prescription of
what looked like bark, snake skin, twigs, fungi, and cow shit. I
boiled it for an hour with 3 rice bowls of water. After doing this, I
was to drink off the leftover fluid & use the ingredients as a
compress on my bare breast.

I did it that night when I got home from the shoppe. Nothing. I went
about my day with that boulder in my brassier (which I usually do not
wear, but -9.8 m/s[sup]2[/sup] was taking its toll).
That night, I repeated the procedure. The stuff tasted like all
chinese medicine. I describe it as “bitter bitter crunchy lawn.” A
friend told me to just go ahead and say, “Damnit! it tastes like ass!” I
left the compress on until it cooled, then went to take a bath.

Heh. I took a syringe with me because things were softening up. I got
the suction I needed, but this time, a torrent of red pus flowed
fourth from my tender areaola (that area because the rest was still
too hard.) It looked like blood, but I knew it wasn’t because of the
way it coagulated in the bathwater. When it decided to come out, the
warm, brownish-red fluid oozed down my chest into the water. It didn’t
just dissolve like blood would- it swirled and curdled around where it

I investigated it. I always smell odd fluids that come out of my body
for bacterial activity. This sticky substance smelled faintly of body
oil, but not of bacterial waste. I was confused. It wasn’t normal zit-
type pus, either. It had oil and something else in it that made it feel
like a mucosal sort of glue that became stuck to the fingers after just
a couple of examinations.

Day 3 of 5 of stinky herb treatment, and the shit is just leaking all
the f*ck over everything. i don’t even have to touch it, but should I
bump into it, it’s gonna gush. I knew when I had worn something too
tight or bumped into something because there was a sudden warmth inside
my shirt. I had to change dressings quite often, carrying a roll of
paper towels in my backpack.

In the end, my breast peeled because the pus had made it grow at such
a pace & the skin hadn’t the elaticity to stretch with it. I now had a
mammary gland with huge flecks of dried skin, infection/stretching
discoloration, and fountains of red pus.

With everything gone, the initally soft area next to my areaola was
red and scabby for at least a month and a half. (I have a partial photo
somewhere…) I routinely tried to see how big of a piece of skin i
could pull off. I couldn’t measure, but I’d take an educated guess
and say that at least 100-150ccs of pus/blood came out.

I am still pierced. I don’t know how it happened. There was no damage
done to the milk producing capabilities of it. (It’s been tested) It
looks like nothing ever happened, but, for about a month, my tit was
vomiting large quantities of crimson pus.

Nothing like chinese medicine, huh?

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I’ve always wanted to get the nips pierced, but stories such as yours have prevented me (even though yours wasn’t caused by your piercing; just the thought that something like that could happen as a result of piercing is enough to turn me off). That, and the images contained here. (WARNING: NSFW!)

That being said, GREAT ICKY-TMI-PUS-RELATED OP!!! I was thoroughly grossed out, so it’s definitely a 10. Way to preserve a SDMB tradition! :smiley:

Wow, that was definitely TMI. Excellent work! Grossed me out but good, and yet I found myself compelled to read every word.

But ow, ow, ow! My poor boobs are aching in sympathy!

Great post! I can’t say that I’ve ever produced enough pus to note its behavior in water.

thanking Og that she didn’t get any infections after her breast reduction several years ago

The TMI on this board is truly remarkable!

Maybe you should have used leaches instead of a syringe? I hear they’re back in style.

[I’m surprised the doc who put you on antibiotics didn’t also put you in the hospital to have it cleaned out. That sounds positively health threatening.]

When you said TMI, you really weren’t lying, were you? :wink:

Well, I’m glad the mammaries are still alive and kickin’. Welcome to the boards!

I have some pus-related TMI of my own. It’s behind a spoiler box for the faint of heart.

Last week, I developed one of these. It swelled up over the course of the week and got excruciatingly painful. I made a doctor’s appointment for last Thursday to have it checked and drained. The abscess was happy to do this on its own. One minute, I’m in class, shifting to find a comfortable position, and the next, the pain was gone, but my undies felt squishy. I went to the bathroom and found that the abscess had in fact drained, and the same stuff that came out of spinster’s breast had come out of my Bartholin’s gland. Fortunately, my appointment was that day, so the nurse practitioner took a look, noticed I was still gushing goo, and cleaned it up the best she could, packed it with gauze, and wrote a referral for an emergency gynecologist appointment. I now have a drainage cath in place, although it’s apparently finished draining. I go in July 5th to have it removed, though. The GYN didn’t prescribe antibiotics, though, since it was draining nicely.


I feel kinda woozy after reading that.

i ACQUIRED the antibiotics (pharmacist in the family)




Stellar TMI post, though. Might even top “penile subincision” for gross-out value (do a Google search; I ain’t postin’ links.). I bow before the awesome power of your god-like encystation… encysticity… encysticability… boob problem.


don’t worry about it. if you do like a good piercing artist tells you, you’ll be fine. think ithappened because i slept topless with the cat who licks himself with a dirty mouth.

This seems like a tempting, yet totally inappropriate, candidate for “Threadspotting”…possibly under the heading, “She Oozes Sexuality”.

Or not…

Stupid question time, then. Why didn’t you go to a doctor about this? Yeah, it seems to have turned out ok, but even so, an infection like that is nothing to be messing with, especially so close to your heart.

Glad to see your first OP is drawing attention, kiddo; everyone, please welcome my friend and colleague spinster. Are those introduction threads really traditional, or just attention-whoring?

Oh man. I LOVE TMI threads and I have a stomach like a rock, and even I am kind of grossed out by that story.

Excellent work.

You know what the best feeling in the world is? When you pop a zit in your ear. Those fuckers are hard to get at and obnoxious as hell.



then again, that sounds like VD…

whore? :dubious:


no, no, no. it’s the surprise zit in some strange place.

what’s that itching pain? scratch. feel. hmmmm… easy squeeze… POP! big wad of pus. well, we must have a gift with purchace with that one… try again… chunk o’ stuff!

okay, everyone who’s grossed out. remember- it was my friggin breasticle!

i have another pus story. wanna hear it?