Goodwill Ambasadors/365 Sports tours?

My niece has been invited to go on a volleyball tour this year with Goodwill Ambasadors or 365 Sports. She is 14, so will be on the junior tour. Has anyone known anyone who’s done this? I’m researching them on the web, but am mostly just finding links to their own sites. I guess that’s good that I don’t get immediate hits with horror stories.

My initial reaction is that this would be great opportunity for her (even if it’s not just to advance her in volleyball, but an opportunity to travel internationally). Should we be cautious? Will this help her get connected to programs that can help her get into a Division I school for volleyball? IOW, beyond the cool travel, is this worth it? Would her folks be investing in her future, or just buying her a trip to Europe? Are these programs known, safe, and respected?