Google and Menu Bar

I have a little problem with Google and my Menu Bar. Whenever I type something in Google for a search, and type one of the letters " f t v b a o w h" it immediately pulls down one of the menus for “File Edit View Bookmarks AutoFill Tools Windows or Help”. Makes it difficult to use Google. Anybody know why this is happening?

Your Alt key is stuck.

Nope, that is not what is happening. Alt key is free.

It may appear to be free, but it’s getting stuck electronically.

If you hit alt-<key> it does exactly what you’re talking about. Regardless of the presence of the Google Toolbar.

Any chance you have some kind of disability assistance option turned on that would cause your computer to act as though your ALT key was stuck?

I don’t think I have a disability assistance option turned on, but will check it out.

If not that, have you tried rebooting?

I looked for the disability option, but cannot find it. Can anyone help me to find it?

Rebooting doesn’t help.

I should have mentioned. I am using Avant Browser, which I like. All is well with Internet Explorer.

Have you tried upgrading to the latest version of Avant? My quick Google searching suggests that there may be bugs in earlier versions.

I currently have the latest version. 11.7 Build 15.

I got nothin’.

Thanks for nothin’. :smiley:

Accessibility Options in the Control Panel(classic view) - there’s a utility called ‘stickykeys’ that, if enabled, might be causing the problem you describe.

Nope, I don’t have anything in Accessibility Options checked. Perhaps it is just the way Google works in Avant Browser.:confused: