Google Cardboard?

The answer is of course porn. There’s going to be VR porn (actually I’m pretty sure there already is).

Wasn’t there an ad for it in 1993?

Welcome to your risky click of the day :wink:

Of course there’s VR porn. The question is whether it’s better than the alternative. I doubt it.

I was given one by Google for allowing them to visit my classroom.

It’s pretty cool, nothing too amazing. I bet those expensive ones do a lot more.

Now what you want is the VR ViewMaster. All the fun of old school VR, except the much better analog resolution! :smiley:

I’m not - the idea is just a lark. A band I like posted a VR music video on Youtube and I thought I’d try it for a few bucks, but nothing seems to accommodate phones with 6.5" screens. From what many reviews have said, few people wind up using it regularly so I can’t justify investing much at this point.

Yeah. It gets old quick.

It’s worth ten or fifteen bucks to fiddle with and is surprisingly immersive in a dark room with headphones - just make sure you get one that will fit your phone. I wouldn’t spring for a fancy plastic one.

I got an Oculus VR set free when I upgraded my phone a couple years ago. It was interesting for a few weeks and fun to show the family and friends, but nowadays - well, it’s around here somewhere.

I heard they used the middle-out compression algorithm to push the barmaid to the cloud. This year’s hoolicon ought to be a blast.