Google Celebrates Jules Verne's Birthday!
If you go to their main page, there’s a series of portholes. If you adjust the lever, you can go up or down, or cant forward or backward

I’m a huge Verne geek. This is great.

I notice that one commenter screwed up, though:

A League is about 3 miles, so 20,000 Leagues would be 60,000 miles down, which is absurd. As we’ve discussed endlessly on this board, the title means “20,000 Leagues traveled while under water”, not 20,000 Leagues straight down.

And watch the dials on the left-looks like the middle is a depth gauge, the bottom is a compass but the top one doesn’t seem to do anything.

Yeah, the top one looks (to me) like it would show incline but maybe they ran out of coding time.

It’s probably my favorite Google page ever.

and p.s. if you dive straight down to the bottom, the “google portholes” line up with “google coral”- I’m in love!

You can also control the “sub” using the up, down, right, and left keys on your keyboard, instead using your mouse to “grab” the control lever on the right.

Coincidentally, Bing is also underwater with fish today.

Well that was fun, but now I am seriously motion sick (not kidding at all :()

You can also click the little arrows at the end of each of the four directions and control it that way

Any way to see this now? It isn’t on their Logos page as far as I can tell.

There’s a version of it here:

I saw this two days ago and showed it to my daughter. Ten minutes later, this is what her Facebook status looks like:

Teenagers can be so cute when they get excited.

That, like, totally made my day. :smiley:

Thanks for this and for the OP - I had no idea what was going on.