Today's Star Trek Google Doodle.

It’s interactive and pretty clever.

I love the look on Ensign E at the end there.

Just wish you could torment him more…

Too funny. The redshirt cries on the transporter pad.

ha ha!

Anyone else beam down and kill the Gorn?

Yes, but he (the redshirt ‘e’)survives to the end!

At first I thought I had done something wrong…then I realized he couldn’t die, or they’d have to change the name of the company to “Googl”.

I mouse over the doodle, nuthin happens. I click on the doodle, and I get google search results for Star Trek.

How is it interactive?

The first “O”, the console in the foreground, and the doors should all highlight if you mouse over them and do something when you click on them. You may need to try a different browser.

Maybe it’s your browser. You should be able to open a bin full of tribbles, beam down to a planet, and kill a gorn.

Missed the tribbles! I have my sound off at work. Does it come with sound?

I got the closeup of "O"hura, fired phasers and torpedoes, killed the Gorn but no tribbles.

The Tribbles are causing trouble in the transporter room.

Looks more like a Gorn Pez dispenser.

The tribble-bin is on the upper-left in the transporter room.

Just found 'em.

Oh, good, I’m not the only one who saw that. o.o

Starfleet has a never-ending supply of Redshirts, flown in regularly from the breeding colonies on Eta Carinae III.

In the first scene the bridge also makes various noises when you repeatedly click on it.

HAHA what an awesome idea!

Hail Google!

Any idea if 46 years is somehow a significant anniversary, moreso than, say, 45 years, or 50 years? Why such a “celebratory” doodle for #46?

Someone came up with it after last year, and they didn’t feel like sitting on it for 4 years would be my guess.