MeTV celebrates 50 years of Star Trek.

Next Saturday, September 10, MeTV will commemorate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary by showing the first Star Trek episode aired, “The Man Trap.” Svengoolie will then follow that up with the original pilot episode “The Cage,” starring Jeffrey Hunter as Capt. Christopher Pike. “The Man Trap” starts at 9:00 PM Eastern time, 8:00 Central.

H&I ran a bunch of Trek specials today, including a 25th anniversary one, before starting their usual airing of episodes from every Trek series.

Look for the BBCAHD channel. On my DirecTV it is channel 264, and starting Thursday it is televising, almost non-stop, all three seasons. Fifty years ago Thursday, on 08 September 1966, The Man Trap was televised.

Here is Wikipedia’s list of all episodes from the three TOS seasons: Reading that is a timewarp back to a childhood of STAR TREK.

Looks like they’re running a TNG marathon before that, starting at 6:30 am EDT. TOS starts at 8:30pm EDT.

BBC is showing “uncut” episodes starting on Thursday.

Something really depressing about this: Since this is the 50[sup]th[/sup] anniversary of Trek that means it’s the 30[sup]th[/sup] anniversary of Shatner’s infamous ‘Get a life…’ speech on SNL! :eek:

I’ve got a 30th anniversary Star Trek T-shirt. That means I’ve had that T-shirt 20 years.:frowning:

One question that has been pestering me is why the USPS released the Star Trek stamps on September 2 instead of September 8. It just seems like such an obvious thing to do. Why not just wait another six days and release the stamps on a significant date in the history of the franchise?

Wiki’s featured article and all eight “Did you know…” articles are about Star Trek today:

For when it changes tomorrow:

*From today’s featured article
“The Man Trap” was the first episode to be broadcast in the American science fiction television series Star Trek, but the sixth to be filmed. It aired on NBC on September 8, 1966…

Did you know…
… that Gene Roddenberry (pictured) was the surviving flight officer from the crash of Pan Am Flight 121 in the Syrian desert in 1947?
… that Don Ingalls first met Gene Roddenberry when they worked at the Los Angeles Police Department, and went on to be credited with writing two episodes of Star Trek?
… that in 1977, it was announced that Star Trek would return to television with the series Phase II?
… that after Bruce Mars’s acting career, which included three appearances on Star Trek, he became a monk in the Self-Realization Fellowship?
… that the novel miniseries Star Trek: The Lost Era was intended to fill in a 70-year gap between the death of Captain Kirk and the start of Star Trek: The Next Generation?
… that Gary Hutzel was nominated for more than 20 Emmy Awards, winning two for Battlestar Galactica and one each for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?
… that Star Trek’s Commander Riker used MainView to advertise its use for other enterprises?
… that the phrase “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it” did not originate in Star Trek, but instead in the parody song “Star Trekkin’”?*

That t-shirt must be really furry, man.
(Jeez I crack myself up! :D)

Did you know…

… that Nichelle Nichols’ Uhura was really hot?

Things I didn’t know how to appreciate when I was a kid:

Did you know that Kirk never said, “Beam me up, Scotty,” in a single episode of TOS?

McCoy never said, “Damn it, Jim!” in a single TOS episode. Censorship was a lot bigger deal on NBC in the 60s.

The Klingons were named for Lieutenant Wilbur Clingan, whom Gene Roddenberry served with in the LAPD.

Nichelle posed nude (or at least topless) on at least one occasion in the early '60s. Somewhere I have a magazine with one of her photos in it, and yes, her boobs are delightful! :o

Ditto for Marina Sirtis from TNG. :cool:

“The Man Trap” may have been the sixth episode filmed, but it was one of only three that were completed before 8 September. The other two were “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “Mudd’s Women.” They went with “Man Trap” because it was the most science-fictiony of the three.

“No Man” was far too expository, and they had made too many changes between the filming of the second pilot and “The Corbomite Maneuver,” the first episode shot in regular production. I remember watching the series in syndication and thinking “Wow! What’s this?!?” when they showed “No Man” after the first month or so. Everything was different from what I’d grown used to.

Check out those leisure suits in the photo taken at the *Enterprise *rollout! Holy crap, I can’t believe that I actually owned two of those monstrosities when I was 20! :smack:

Didn’t we all! And we looked maaah-velous too.

Heh. This means that 50 years ago tonight I saw Star Trek for the first time. As an extremely enthused almost 9 year old. I was in 4th grade, living in Flint, MI and watching it on a black and white TV, I think.

9 years later I attended the Star Trek Chicago 1975 convention.

I watched two episodes today, The Man Trap, and Charlie X. E01 & E02 - the first two episodes of S1. Things I noticed now that I’m 55 that I didn’t notice as much when I was 10:

  • Uhura is really hot. I know I said that earlier. Worth repeating.
  • Uhura had a crush on Spock. She sings him a song in E02. I forgot she showed outwardly her crush on him, and now I understand the Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto crush in today’s movies (Zoe Saldana is very hot, too).
  • boy the show was campy!

I must’ve watched STAR TREK more than I thought I did as a kid. Maybe I’ve seen each episode 3-4 times. I remember most of the plots, not just these two but in the episodes listing in Wikipedia.

Happy 50th, STAR TREK!!

Thank you. I searched for those pictures. Enjoyable.

Grace Lee Whitney had it going, too. Curves, that is, and not necessarily revealing photos.

I didn’t really see Uhura liking Spock that much. They had some interesting conversations on the bridge where Spock’s complete lack of emotions both amused & disturbed her. Nurse Chapel had a crush on Spock. And Sulu had a crush on Uhura (best shown in the Mirror Universe).