Kids have started watching Star Trek TOS and like it

I’m so happy

We started them with The Apple (Vaal), Shore Leave, and Arena. Now they ask to watch every night.

So happy.

Doomsday Machine was the one that got me hooked at age 14. Unfortunately, by then TOS had been cancelled by NBC several months previously. :mad:

When I got married, my husband and I agreed to raise our family fannish.

We did do Doomsday Machine – it was fun watching how tense the kids were when they thought Kirk might not be beamed up in time.

It’s so fun reliving these shows with them – raising another generation of Trekkies!

Watching TOS recently I found it a lot more tense than modern shows, I often could not predict what would happen.

You’re no Herbert!

TOS is being butchered by marketers with the same mindset as those who would colourize black-and-white classics, such as the Maltese Falcon, to make them “better.”

The TOS episodes, filmed at 4:3, have been cropped to fit 16:9. Space the bastards!

ugh worst episode ever. I kept praying for the space hippies all to die (except the hot blonde) :slight_smile:

They also inserted “modern graphics” for shots of orbiting planets. It looks out of place and stupid. Leave classic the flip ALONE. You cannot improve them.

:cues up fight music:

My wife and I first bonded playing Star Trek trivia during down time on a volunteer organization we both worked for. We also chose to raise our kids fannish (great one, Dendarii Dame!).

Our kids had other ideas. While our daughter is fluent in Elvish (to the point of being able to explain just how the Ring inscription is “of an ancient mode”), and our son LOVES* Dead Like Me*, neither one cares for Star Trek. Indeed, they roll their eyes when my wife or I quote from any Trek series, which is quite often.

Oh, well. We’ll just have to try to convert the grandchildren.

non sequitur

[pendant hat on]Ancient mode? It’s Black Speech as rendered in an elven script. Calling it an ancient mode is kin to reading Bashō in romaji and calling it English in an ancient mode.[pedant hat off]

Don’t blame her, blame Tolkien:

It appears that BrotherCadfael’s daughter (would that be NieceCadfael?) has won this round. Penalties applied to DesertDog.

Prepare for round two.
And… begin!

This could be fun: What’s your worst TOS episode ever?

Mine would include

*Plato’s Stepchildren

*Mark of Gideon

*The Empath

*Elaan of Troyus

*Is There in Truth No Beauty?

*The Cloud Minders

*Requiem for Methuselah.

And yes, they’re all third season episodes.

I refuse to put Spock’s Brain on the list. When I’m in the right mood, it’s just good old plain, silly fun! :slight_smile:

I bet 5000 quatloos on ** NieceCadfael**.

They look neither out of place nor stupid. The new effects look great and stay true to the artistic style of the original, ship-on-a-stick effects. On this I will brook no dispute.


I wish I had had you as parents! My dad brought me up with Voyager as a kid!

Voyagers! was great!

In an interview not long before he passed away, TOS Associate Producer Bob Justman praised the new effects, saying they were the kind that Roddenberry always wanted but couldn’t afford.

(Of course, back then they would still have used models instead of CGI, but more on the quality of 2001 than the original TREK opticals.)

I believe the Justman interview is available on YouTube, along with interviews with Majel Barrett, Dorothy Fontana, Herb Solow, and other TOS cast members.

I always thought the idea for this came from Time Bandits, a totally awesome movie. I watched it on video one night bombed out of my mind, and I was blown away (even though I’d already seen it in a cinema when it first came out)!