Google Drive question

I have Google Drive and have paid for extra storage.

I shared a folder on my account so someone I work with can put files in there.

They are telling me that when they plop files in that shared folder they lose space on their Google Drive (so, instead of going against my tally of allotted space it is marked against their allotted space).

Is this working as intended or am I missing something?

I see the same thing with my wife’s Drive. She paid for storage, mine is the free version. When she puts too much in our shared folders my Google Drive warns me that I’m out of space.

Working as intended AFAIK. Files a user creates show up under My Drive and these count against the user’s quota, even if they are in a shared folder. I think the act of adding files to a shared directory imports the entire directory into My Drive, but I’m not positive.

If you share a directory with your wife and she does not modify or add to it, it is just counted against your quota.