Google Earth

Google is the coolest company ever.

I came across a link at Slashdot about Google Earth, a new program by Google(of coarse). So I downloaded it and installed it.

Simply amazing. Its the earth in digital photographs. You can search for addresses and zoom in (I can easily see the RV, car and boat in my parents back yard. I can even count the bushes). You can tilt which is going to make driving directions a breeze.

The photos are a little aged, my house is just an empty lot when I zoom on it, but this is just amazing.

Ah, nice. When Google bought Keyhole, I was hoping they would make it free.

Keyhole ran a few hundred dollars per year for a subscription and the same software.

Nice find!

/Warcraft Goblin

“I can see my house!”

Hmmm, coulda sworn there was a link there when I viewed this thread earlier… :dubious:



Ah, yes, can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Google Earth thread these days! :smack:

So it’s like Google Maps, but better? I think they’re the same, exact the online Google Maps don’t allow you to tilt and rotate in 3D to see buildings, etc… Are there any other differences?

How big of a download is it? All I can find is that it needs 200MB, but suggests 2GB. Does that mean it’s 200?

Why yes, I am on dial-up, how did you know?

My installation package was 10 MB.