Google expands...

Just thought you’d like to know.

Hey, that’s a great idea. Let’s get the Reader to buy 4000 linuxboxen for the SDMB! :smiley:

Oh, wait. Damn.

Linuxboxen? What language is that? :wink:

Kat…It’s hackspek.

Look here for explaination.
And here

Thanks for telling us. Might be better posted in GM so others know too cause I know a lot of them were chewing me out when I said you can read Usenet with Netscape Or IE, which you can.

PS: I don’t see any binary newgroups.

handy, mind if I ask WTF you’re talking about? What does Usenet have to do with anything here?

And there are hundreds of newsgroups dedicated to exchanging binaries (ie, everything that’s not ASCII). Your NNTP site may not carry them.

Ummm…handy is talking about the announcement linked in the OP.

Although what “GM” he’s talking about I have no clue. It can’t be a typo for GQ, because there appears to be no question in the OP and it can’t be a typo for GD, because there’s no debate in the OP.

Perhaps the GM is a reference to the sig. line of Narile. Game something. I’m old and too serious to know.

Never has so much time been expended here on one letter. So it should be GQ (General Questions), not GM (General Messages), sorry.

friedo, I use SuperNews. Im pretty sure Manny was looking for Usenet through the Web, he should be pretty happy now.,1367,43392,00.html?tw=wn20010427,1367,43392,00.html?tw=wn20010427