Google Glass Explorer

I signed up for the beta testing as a lark and got an invite. The price tag is STEEP. $1500. I don’t think I’m going to buy it but it does look intriguing. Should I wear it for 29 days and return it? Should I try to flip the code on ebay? Should I buy it and flip the glasses? Do one of you good people have spare change to toss at being an early adopter and want my code?

I can’t afford it but would love to try it

Would you even be able to sell them? There would have to be a way to unassociate your google account with the glasses. Not sure they’d allow that so early on, at the risk of unscrupulous resellers doing what you’re considering.

I just bought a pair for a friend in the UK - they don’t ship to the UK yet.

Nothing really indicated that glasses would “exist” under my account. In fact, the code came from their account. No probs either way.

$1500 is a bit steep.

Of course, I know a way to make them much cheaper!

All that has to happen is that I buy one at full price - then, if my track record holds true - 20 seconds after I purchase one the average price will sink by 50%, and about two weeks later it will sink about another 50%.

So - help me finance the purchase at full price, and watch the luck of DMark as the price sinks like a stone shortly afterward.

It looks kind of cool, but I do wonder about looking and sounding like a crazy person as I walk down the street, talking to a gizmo strapped to my head. “Hey, glass - where is the nearest place to find prostitutes, and how much is the going rate and how much do I have in my bank account?”

Any updates on this topic? I might buy one soon.

I also got an invite. Frankly, the reviews for them aren’t so hot, and it doesn’t seem worth it right now.