Google leaves China - how will they stop access to it through other domains or email?

will Chinese Great Firewall now hunt down every suspected instance of users contacting an overseas server that would redirect Google output to them either via HTTP or via email protocol?

My impression from my time in China is that users can get around firewalls by having a way of sharing ever-changing proxy servers – in a sense, the firewall is something of as a futile effort as shutting down, say, torrent sites. There wasn’t a lot of respect for it, but then again, I spent my time with a tech-savvy crowd that wasn’t your average Chinese Internet user. Of course, the government puts in a great deal of effort in their firewall.

I was able to VPN into the US and have absolutely unrestricted access.

On a related note, my Google response time has gone way down since this started. Anybody else have this problem?

Here’s an interesting article from the Guardian.Co.UK

The firewall is trivially easy to get around. For an even slightly curious person, it’s no problem.

But the vast majority of people are not interested enough to bother getting around the firewall. Many people simply accept it and do not question it. A surprising number of people are unaware it even exists. The goal is not to completely suppress information, which would be pretty impossible. It’s simply to make that information hard enough to get that most people won’t bother.