Google Mail - will you use it?

Google Email.

Storage capacity may be around 1 GIG :eek:

But don’t drop your hotmail just yet. Google will use AdSense to poke around your email for keywords, and then plant related ads into a sidebar that will be seen by the recipient.

1GB is great, but I’m not sure if I like the idea of Google nosing through my messages in order to annoy my email recipients with commercials.

Sure. It’s free and offers a ton more storage space so why not?

I’ll probably use it for non-correspondence email though. Solves the problem of the adbar.

Nope. One, I don’t like the idea of them reading my e-mails in any shape or form. Two, I currently have no troubles filing letters. Three, I don’t need the extra inbox space. I’m managing quite well with the 2mb that Hotmail gives me.

If I could have that much space for my website, however…

I think that’s an April Fools joke, isn’t it?

If it isn’t, I’m still not using it.

No. I don’t need that much storage - all my current archived messages take up about 2MB, and I delete most incoming mail. I receive more junk mail than anything else, and almost all of it is caught by filters. Besides, I love my email address. Who wouldn’t want the domain

yosemitebabe: I don’t think so. They’ve said in interviews that Gmail is real. Here’s Google’s April Fools joke.

Not an April Fool’s joke. The Job offers on the moon were, but this is not. Several people thought it was a joke, however.

The only entity “reading” your mail would be Google’s algorithms. While they’re quite slick, they are light years away from being advanced enough to elbow eachother and point and laugh at your daily list-serv of leather midget porn.

Hahaha, nice.

Good point though, I truely don’t care if Google’s bots are “reading” my mail. First, I have nothing to hide, and second, it doesn’t matter one bi anyways, because their bots don’t give a rat’s ass of what’s in the e-mail.

No, they don’t read, point, and laugh. But they’re one step closer to it. I know sending an e-mail is like sending a post card, but this just blatently says “We can look at your e-mail content and we will, to an extent.” Before an e-mail at least appeared to be secure and involving only the sender and the recipient (even though it really wasn’t that secure).

Its just like saying we can open your snail mail, read it with a super advanced computer that doesn’t give a crap that you’re fetiches (had to look up the plural of that…) include raspberries and duct tape, then put ads for recipies and cordless drills into your mail.

I for one wouldn’t want anything going through my main in any way.

Oh, though I fully intend on using one as free storage for large files so I can access them from wherever.


I’m amazed it didn’t turn out to be a hoax. Damn right I’ll use it.

I really couldn’t care less who reads my e-mail, as long as I get to read it, too. Anything I e-mail has got to be astoundingly boring to anyone else. If not, more power to them. :smiley:

Wait wait, back up-- I’m pretty sure they mean that YOU, the recipient, will be seeing ads related to your e-mail. Yes, extremely sure.

I’m curious why it doesn’t bother you that Hotmail reads your emails.

(How do you think they determine whether an email is likely spam or not?)

They stated that there’d be a 10MB limit on each file.

I am considering it for one of my mailboxes (fax to email service). This way a large fax won’t bump me over my storage limit and I can have an online archive of the faxes I get. Also the faxes are file attachments in a graphics format, so I don’t think google’s spiders would be able to read them.

If this 1GB mailbox thing is really true, I’ll definately look into getting it. Although, I have no idea why I would ever need 1GB of space for my emails. Being able to send 10Mb files will be nice though… I would have been happy with anything above 10Mb free storage space because I am starting to get a little bit irritated with having to constantly delete my e-mails from my Hotmail account because it’s out of space…

As for it reading my e-mails. So what? At least they’re honest about it and its not like I have secret correspondance with people over e-mail. “hey, how are you? I’m fine…etc…”. Not very secret stuff…

1 GB is enticing. As for google reading my mail, its ok. its them reading my spam thats bothering me. the algorithm wont know its spam, and i will be in undated withads about finding singles in my area and…

From the FAQ :

If it reads outgoing mail and attaches an ad, I would be sorely tempted to open an account just to send everyone an email that said “Fuck Google.”

Let’s see their algorithms assign an ad to that. :smiley:

I don’t think I’ll be bothering - I don’t need the space, and don’t really like the ad insertion idea.