Google Maps is driving me nuts

I have been trying to find Tollhouse St in San Francisco, and all it is doing is giving me Tollhouse cookies, toll house restaurants and the town of Tollhouse near Fresno, and all sorts of other Tollhouse stuff everywhere else in CA … so can anybody help me find the damned street in San Francisco? mrAru says he can find it if he is physically in SF … but he can’t really tell me where it is [on the phone, if he were here he could point it out on the map for me …]

What the hell, Google … when I phrase a search as ‘where is “tollhouse st” in san francisco ca’ it shouldn’t be giving me every other blasted tollhouse other than the damned street! sob

What the heck search wording should I be using? Maybe if I knew an actual house number I could just do “### Tollhouse St, San Francisco CA #####” and have it pop up?

You must have the name wrong. A straight non-map search turns up this thread as the top reference that isn’t obviously something other than Tollhouse Street, San Francisco.

There are various Tollhouse Roads in other parts of California.

A list of roads on the City of San Francisco’s official website does not contain a “Tollhouse St.” So either the street isn’t in San Francisco proper, or it’s been renamed since mrAru was there.

Can he access Google Maps himself? If he can, he could create a custom map with the location pinpointed, and then he could share it with you.

Perhaps he is thinking of Custom House Place?

Here is the list of street names in the city’s GIS basemap.

Maybe its a walkway or mall … some sort of sign posted area … Is this Toll House the reason they call it Los Gatos ?

All good suggestions, I will have to sit him down and make him lookfor it.

And believe me, after hearing what his father went through doing the map thing in LA for the Olympics I realize how inaccurate maps can be, nothing like having to drive around and physically confirm roads are actually there!

Maybe it is two words, doesn’t sound like it should be though, but who knows. Also, Google ain’t the only game in town. Try Bing or others.

There’s nothing in the city’s database of street names that comes close, except for Toll Plaza Tunnel and Custom House Place. I hope this thread gets updated when we get a definitive answer, as I’m curious. The closest is a Tollhouse Road, but that’s near Fresno, not Frisco.