Google Maps Pokemon

So, if you update your Android or Apple Google Maps today, you’ll get the chance to search the world for Pokemon! It’s only for today, though, by the looks of things.

As I mentioned in a different thread, I’ve got nothing better to do today, so I’ve made a start.

Spoilers for what I’ve found so far -

Big cities seem to be the way to get started, and also geeky hotspots - there’s one on Microsoft HQ, a big bunch around Google HQ in San Francisco and another load on Manhattan island. There are repeats though - I found one in both London and around Google, so you don’t have to find 150 unique sites.

Oh, you do have to be zoomed quite far in to see them, although it seems variable at what level each one pops at, and once you’ve seen one it appears at a lesser zoom than before (making it difficult to get a definite answer on what zoom to try). I’ve been searching when the bar just flips between 1000ft/200px and 500ft/200px.