Google Pop-Up Blocker vs. The Drudge Report

I use Google Pop-Up blocker. It’s worked great for as long as I’ve been using it, until now.

Whenever I go to the Drudge Report (and only the Drudge Report), I get pop-up ads. For some reason, Google can’t seem to stop the ad on that page. I haven’t noticed this on any other site, but admittedly I don’t go to all that many.

My question is: Has Drudge/his advertiser figured out how to beat it? Has Google come out with a counter punch? (I coudn’t find any upgrade info.) Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance.

I have no experience with Google’s pop-up blocker, but Firefox and Opera are still blocking any pop-ups at Drudge.

As a WAG, has somehow been added to your list of sites from which you will accept pop-ups? Does the google bar allow you to set that? Take a walk through the google bar settings and see if something like that happened.

I have the Google bar, and it blocks the first pop-up, but allows the second, albeit a blank window. I have noticed that more sites have found a way around the Google bar. Rat bastards.

Not really sure, but I also have seen this effect and not just with the google pop up stopper. I think it has to do with timing. If it is busy blocking one pop up maybe another sneaks in at that moment? I see it in about 5% of pop ups.

Every now and then I hit a page that gets a popup past the Google toolbar. One that consistantly does so is Snopes; I always get a single popup (well, popunder) from there.

I’ve tried Opera but I get more pages that display odd in Opera than I get popups with IE and the Google Toolbar, so…

I still find occassional popups get past Mozilla - ones that are triggered by a mouseover of a region of the page, for example. But these are listed as ‘things-to-do’ in the Mozilla development pages.

Pop-ups are how the website operators pay for the site.

There is a simple and foolproof way to avoid pop ups on Drudgereport. Don’t visit Drudgereport anymore.

The site’s free, the guy obviously puts time and effort into it and most liely has a 5 figure monthly hosting bill. And yet you begrudge him the oppotunity to pay his overhead.

^ It’s a simple question, he didn’t request for your approval

Anyways, I too have a Google toolbar question. Back when I was on 56k, the Google Toolbar worked perfectly. Not a single ad ever got through, and it blocked over 5,000. However, ever since I got cable broadband, the Google toolbar has slipped. Now dozens of ads get through. If I had to guess, the toolbar has only blocked half of them. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but no dice.

Any idea why this may have happened, or what I can do?

^ It’s a simple question, he didn’t request for your approval
I understand, and I answered his question in the simplest form possible.
If you don’t want to view the popups on, do not visit :slight_smile:

You sound like those people who say we’re stealing television if we don’t watch the commercials. We’re not obligated to take care of his business model for him. I don’t recall having to agree to see an ad to view the site. If enough people block the pop-up ads, maybe he’ll turn to something less intrusive like banner ads instead.

I don’t recall having to agree to see an ad to view the site.
True, but the author of the site is obviously taking the steps to assure his revenue stream. Why would you deny him that? If you like the content and visit the site, what’s the big deal? You’re helping him keep it running.

If enough people block the pop-up ads, maybe he’ll turn to something less intrusive like banner ads instead.
Or, more likely, if you deny him the opportunity to generate revenue off of his website he’ll just close it and then the web will be like network TV and you can get all of your news and information from 3 or 4 bland, homogonized, politcally correct sources. Also, banner ads pay about $0.50 per 1000 views while pop windows pay about $2.25 per 1000 views. They are not interchangable media types.
I won’t post anymore as I have an unpopular opinion and this forum is about giving answers and not opinion.

The reason you see a pop window on is that he has implemented code which bypasses most pop blockers.

Sounds like the only solution is another popup blocker, or to go to a browser that blocks them inherently, like Opera or Mozilla. I like Mozilla better, but lots of people like Opera.

BTW, are you using a firewall? You may not have needed one when you where at 56K but you might want to use one now. The free version of ZoneAlarm has worked well for me.

I don’t think I am. I’ll try that, thanks.

I also have Google Pop-Up Blocker, and I also get pop up ads from only one site, where I go to get my daily Non Sequitur fix.

No, I do NOT want 21st Century car insurance (most expensive quote I ever got) and I am NOT going to tell a pop-up ad whether or not I think American Troops should pull out of Iraq!!! :mad: (although, it would be intersting to see where a click on that window would lead…Govt. keeping tabs on the general populace to flush out potential terrorists, perhaps? :wink: )

I use a little free one, (16.5 kb) called “Another IE Popup Killer” and I don’t have any popups… **even on the Drudge Report. **

Here is a great pop-up blocker test page. Try your pop-up blocker/non-IE browser and report your results here. I would be interested to see how various defenses work.

I have IE6 with the Google toolbar, and I scored 85/100 on the standard tests, failed the floating pop-up in the miscellaneous tests, and 100/100 on the advanced test.

I use EMS Freesurfer II and never get popups on Drudge (or practically anyplace else). EMS is freeware too!

woah, winner for most uncalled for post today?
P.S, Its one thing to have ads, its another to spam pop ups at every single page interval. It is interesting that drudge found away around it. Thats all.

Google says the program updates automatically. Google toolbar version history. They tell you how to check your version. I’m up to date and I get that pop-up so they haven’t solved it. That’s weird, I got it once but now I can’t get it to pop up at Drudge, or Snopes, or Box Office Mojo, or TV Tome. Odd.

I used to use Proxomitron. Now that was some powerful code. It blocked all advertising not just pop-ups. Plus it was easy to tell it to back off when you’re visiting a special page. When I got my new PC in January I never reinstalled it because I don’t really care about pop-ups. A quick alt+tab then alt+F4 and they’re dead without a second’s thought. It was just a neat toy which made a lot of pages look kinda dead.

Sadly the guy that made it wont be updating it anymore and the last build is about a year old but I bet it still works. Might be worth checking out. It’s fairly simple to use. But do read the instructions carefully and keep backups and track of what you change.

Before that I used pop-up stopper. It had an ultra strict setting which would only allow new windows to open if you were holding down the shift button.

Seems like either of those should work. Unless inability to get one of those pop-ups now means that a new update just went through for google.