Google search window not working

I just upgraded to Firefox 4.

When I click on the arrow to the right of the search window that brings up past searches, they all appear, but when I click on one, it doesn’t jump up to the window. The window just stays blank.

How can I get this to work like it did before? Are my cookies being blocked, if so, how to unblock?


Try this. Click on the down arrow beside the google logo, and choose “Manage Search Engines.” Highlight and remove each one. Then restart Firefox, go to “Manage Search Engines” again, and choose Restore Defaults.

I’m assuming you haven’t installed any extra search engines. If so, you’ll have to go download them again.

Related problem: I’m still running the old version (Firefox 3.6.17) and, in the last few days, Google image search consistently crashes Firefox. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know of a solution?