Google Toolbar and Google Chrome

You’d think Google would make it’s toolbar work with it’s own browser wouldn’t you? Think again.


Well, presumably everything Google Toolbar does is built right into Chrome. So it’s unnecessary.

disclaimer I’ve never used Google Toolbar, and I only used Chrome for a week or so before going back to Firefox. So this is just an educated guess.

The Google toolbar does quite a bit more than Chrome has built it, like doing other types of searches such as Site Search. I also like the ability to click a search term on the bar to go to it on the page.

Chrome is very basic, it has minimal features, as far as I can tell they don’t include things like instant translation of websites.

This is what extensions are for, which are now available for the beta version of Chrome. You can switch over rather easily by downloading it from the official site.

Thanks for that, I now have an ad blocker for Chrome and can stop using Firefox!

Is there any particular reason to? I’m in no particular hurry to stop using Firefox.

I went through all the available extensions recently, and did not see ones for those functions I mentioned. I did see enough good ones to install that I now use Chrome about half the time now though, so I can see switching to Chrome permanently at some point if it remains quicker than Firefox. I still want the Google toolbar though.

In my experience:

It’s significantly faster–both boot-up and page load times.
Less crash prone
Better/streamlined UI
The Omnibar kicks the crap out of the misnomer “awesome bar”

And now that it has extensions, I can’t think of any reason why I would ever want to go back to Firefox–a once great browser that has become a slow, crash-prone lumbering giant. It has sadly become what it set out to avoid.

I have not yet found anything like the Google Toolbar autofill. I have been using Chrome for about a week to give it a fair shot, but am close to switching back to IE.

  • No autofill.
  • Inferior bookmark functions.
  • Exchange drops you down to OWA-lite.

I have also had one web site not working properly - I don’t know if that is a common problem, but it is why I dropped Firefox - my online banking site did not work.

How easy is it to add the extensions? I know it was supposed to be possible to block ads in the existing version of Chrome, but I tried it and gave up, because it involved too much manual tinkering/

Install the DEV(elopment) version, go to the Adsweep Website, and click the link. Then restart Chrome.

It’s about as simple as Firefox, really. If they ever implement Live Bookmarks (even if by extension), I’ll consider actually using it. Right now, I run an optimized version of Firefox 3.0.14, so the only speed issue I have is how long it takes to close.

It really couldn’t be easier. I find most of mine here:

Click to download and it offers to install automatically. That’s it.

I really like the single search/address bar thing. and I like the simple style. Other than that I think it’s an emotional thing really, there’s just something about Firefox that rubs me up the wrong way.

I had been using Google with the ad blocker bookmark, but like you say, it was cumbersome. Every time I went to a new page on the SDMB I’d have to click the little bookmark to take the ads away, so I went to Firefox for the SDMB. Now that the beta version has the extensions and it has a proper ad blocker I’m back to using Chrome for everything except Microsoft Exchange due to it only supporting Exchange lite.

There is an IE Tab extension for Chrome. It runs Internet Explorer in a Chrome tab and you can tell it what websites you want to use Internet Explorer for and it will automatically use the IE tab for those websites. I’ve just tested it for MS Exchange and it works well, no more Exchange lite in Chrome, YAY!

That solves that issue - thanks!

Now for what could be the deal-breaker: I have just discovered that when I cut and paste a list of deathpool names from a post in Chrome, it puts a space on the end of some of the names. This is no good. When I paste into my master list, "Muhammad Ali " is viewed differently from “Muhammad Ali”. I don’t want to have to keep editing the names to take the space off. And if I put SDMB in an IE tab, then I might as well run IE.

Hmm, not sure what’s happening there. I just did a copy and paste of your example list from the 2010 death pool and it copied into Excel with no extraneous spaces. Can you give an example of a list that this happens on?

P.S. You have Jane McGrath in your example list, just how famous was she anyway?

The most recent - by Wallet. Most of those get an extra space.

That’s because Wallet has put spaces after his items. If you quote his post you’ll see that the spaces are in the quote. Problem is not with the browser but with the participant’s formatting. Solution, educate participants ;).

Edit: He may have originally written them as an in line list such as “item one item two item three etc” and then gone to the start of each item and inserted a line break which has left the space following the previous item.

But when I copy and paste from IE, there are no spaces.