google! Ya Fucked Up, Buddy!

People can see my latest blog entry (see below), but I cannot get into any of my editing functions to add more STUFF!

Yes, I have tried everything else!

But… they won’t answer.

They also don’t answer anyone else.

I just want to get my blog back up and let folks know I ain’t died, dammit!



Have you posted a comment to the blog to let your readers know what is happening?

Hang in there Quasi. Something’ll be figured out and I second the recommendation to post a comment to let everyone know what’s happening.

Well, I did that in the comments section and even created a second WTB?, but I want the old one back. I don’t see the problem other than google won’t answer me.

Also contacted google help and jumped through all hoops and posted to their forum:

Page 4 near the bottom. Nickname is “wolkie”