I'm Beginning To hate Blogger

Now, I can’t answer anyone in the comments section! Sent a message to google help and no answer there.

Anyone have the same problem?



I’ve got a few friends who use Blogger (as do I) and they’ve said several times that they can’t leave comments on each others’ blogs.

It’s not a universal problem (as in, it’s not that no one can leave comments on Blogger) but it’s definitely not a “just you” thing.

Unfortunately I have not done any hunting or asking around as to browser or OS or the commonality of this problem.

I just added a comment to my blog – are you able to click the comment link at the bottom of your post? That’s how I get to the “Post a comment” page. You might check your “Who can comment” option on your settings page just to make sure.

Yeah. I can comment as “anonymous”, but not as me using my google account. It just keeps going back and forth where I have to enter those anti-robot letters.



As long as were talking about blogger - can you have more than one blog?

Sure. I’ve got three (public) and several others that I keep private.

The only thing I can think of is that you’re not logged in to google/your blogger account. As far as getting help from google with any of their products…good luck.

Try clearing your cookies, or trying on a different browser.