Googlemap military fun

There doesn’t seem to be much to see in Western Europe save a French sub docked and what remains of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth (Faslane is cloudy today).

I’ve seen enough of the US Navy and all its splendour, is there anything else of note throughout the world? Where do all those Russian subs go to rust/be decommisioned?

Here’s something fun. Check out this link (msn maps - not google)

Mystery airport.

In this view, you can see the runway and the buildings around it. But, if you zoom it at all, it dissappears. There seems to be some tricky photoshopping going on here.

The airport does indeed exist. You can see it here.
Google map version

This airport is Aviano Air Base - a USAF installation. I was stationed there back in '99

Check out Murmansk on Google Earth. Pics of the Old Soviet naval glory at the docks. I’ve seen a sub on a floating drydock around N69 03’ 36" E33 11’ 57".

Nothing to add, except this being cool!

off to find me some missile silos or something…

Well, if you want to see the French Fleet, my understand is that far more of it is based out of Toulon than any of the North Atlantic ports.

I believe that DeGaulle is the birdfarm in port, here. I can’t remember what the name of the ship with the big radar ball is a couple piers over, though.

Missed the edit window:

There are a couple of Italian warships in port at Taranto, too. And I think that there might be a small sub tied up as well. But I can’t zoom in enough for me to be certain.

Scapa Flow in Scotland is full of markers of scuttled German WWI battleships and a torpedoed Royal Navy ship, Royal Oak. If you check out Truk Lagoon (Chruk as it is spelled on Google Earth) you can see some of the wrecked ships that were hit in shallow water.

Pearl Harbor is interesting from the air. Kind of gives you the Japanese view of the attack. Lots of cool pics can also be found posted at Tarawa, Iwo Jima, etc…

Check out Bikini Atoll. In the northwest portion of the “ring” is the water-filled crater from the Castle Bravo Hydrogen Bomb test.

It’s probably related to this plan for the same kind of censorship on Google Earth.

But there’s a difference, in my mind, between not having maximum resolutions available for a military base, and then using some kind of image blurring software to remove a facility from the map image. On one hand: “We won’t/can’t show that resolution.” Compared to “I’m a hedge. No ninjas here. Just a hedge.”
Just for giggles: The D1G ball at KAPL. Where, so the locals say, subs would come in through an underground tunnel to be refueled.

That is one really long tunnel - if I´m seeing things right :wink:

Here is a layer you can import into your Google Earth. It is called, “The Defence of Britain” and is a comprehensive listing of WWII defensive measures in the UK. It shows and describes Pill boxes, gun emplacements, road blocks, command centers, loopholed walls, and much more. The majority of entries are just a description. But are enough with photos to really make it interesting.


I don’t think it’s anything more sinister than out-of date aerial images. You can still see traces of the old field boundaries (from the MSN images) on the newer Google images. Plus some old farm buildings and tracks are still there iin the right places.

E.g. compare this old MSN pic to the same area on Google Maps.

(Although it is a bit odd that the runway approach is present on the MSN pics.)

To add to my last post, you can see that more recent housing developments are also missing from the MSN pics:



But, the base is still there - or at least it was last December.

And when I was there, I was living recently uncondemned buildings - buildings that had been built, aged enough to be condemned, and then rebuilt up to code. I’m not sure how long a life cycle for a building is, but it’s gotta be longer than digital photography has been around.

So the pics without the base on them are at least 20 yrs old, or the base has been completely torn down and all evidence of it removed and new pictures taken during a 7 month period, or there’s covert trickeration going on.

I’m going with trickeration.

I dug a little deeper. The base has been around since 1911

Trickeration I say!!

The citadel of Copenhagen ("Kastellet ") looks pretty much like it did in the 1700s.

I meant the pics without the base were from before it was built. But from what you go on to say, that is not so likely. Still, it’s weird that the field boundaries, roads etc are so perfect on the photoshopped inages, if that’s what they are.

Ahhh… what fond memories of D1G. I was never on shift when the subs came in, though :). I also never saw clouds forming in the top of the ball. I guess I missed out on the good stuff.

Thanks for the ID. I was embarrassed because I’d seen the sister ship, Suffern, while my ship had been at Toulon during the nineties for a port visit, but couldn’t recall either name. Just remembered that big assed ball.