GoogleQuiz - A Game (With Prizes!)

So, I was busy poking around, trying to find a particular link to a particular subject and naturally went to Google first thing. First thing that caught my eye was this! At first, I thought it would be good for a lark to try it out, and then immediately realized that this was something that we could all do!

Let’s show Unca Cece that we have taken his lessons to heart! Let’s show how there’s no question that can be left unanswered! Hell, let’s win all the prizes!

Who’s in?

Entry entered.

Where? I click on the link and it has the Google banner and says “The Google Quiz”. But no other information

Though it at first said that 2 of my answers were wrong because I had quotes around them, I just did it again and took out the excessive punctuation.

If you check the source code, it looks like somebody commented out the body of the page. I guess somebody already won?