A google challenge game someone told me about.

No this thread isn’t a game. It’s a thread about a game.

The challenge is to find a search term that will return just one result. Not two, not none, but one.
Anyone heard of this?
Anyone know a search term that will do this?
And while we’re on the subject of google does anyone have a link to that gooogle-talk thing. That thing is fun.

Isn’t that a googlewhack?

I thought googlewhack had something to do with googling yourself.

Duh! I just googled googlewhack and you are right. Sorry.

Ahhh just got two results with ‘manx meeble’

Can’t win em all Lobsang.
Here’s a little Google Song to cheer you up.

I am not sure if this is the kind of term you are talking about, but this gives you only one result:

dsaghf absr


“sausage mannanin”

Maybe it’s the difference between Google UK and Google.com (and I need a life because I’m actually confirming your finding). However, on Google.com I get 2 results for sausage mannanin - zero results if it is in quotations.


I noticed that same thing.

Instead of googling googlewhack, whackgoogle google.


I tried submitting it and they said it had two matches.

It has one match. on mine. I took a screenshot.

More Google-related fun:
Google Talk: http://douweosinga.com/projects/googletalk
Google Fight: http://www.googlefight.com/

agggagagggg seemed to return just one for me.

year jisvb returned one hit, something about home loans.

But do nonsense words count?

The universe ends in a constant, preceded by a comma in a conjunction. :eek:


All things come to those that wait may be the. things left by those who hustle Abraham Lincoln. Copyright( Philip did did did etc) very boring, and then I went to the Panty Shop!

Here are a few google singletons I turned up over the last hour:

muddlefoot throgmorton
half-baked bryllcream prophelactics
cheezewhiz cuttlefish
kumquat rasta lick-a-chick
spongebob’s tin zither
thimbelina the bulky moron
ohmyohmy pink floyd
counterproductive hamfisted bushista
Winnie the Pooh’s spastic perp walk
robomatic migraine
my numerous limp-wristed thralls
bumbumbumbumbumbumbumbumbumbumbumbum stupendo!
orange naugahyde sit-n-spin

Got one within five minutes: pucillanimous bacon!

:smack: Because I misspelled pusillanimous, and google didn’t try correcting me (or about 65 pages)