Googling beyond the first page of results.

I just realized 95% of the time I google something, the answer I’m looking for, or a suitable resource for my purpose is available on the first page of results and I never bother going past that despite the 50 gabillion hits.

How often do you go beyond the first page? How many pages of results do you look at, on average, when you google something?

Most of the time, actually. IME, the first 4-5 pages all generally contain interesting, relevant results. Like you, I usually find the main information I’m looking for on the first page, but the next few pages often add useful additional information, sometimes surprisingly so. Much past 5 pages, however, the results tend to turn to crap.

I have my google preferences set to show 100 results per page. I don’t go to page 2 very often but I do scroll down pretty far at times.

I do it pretty often, actually, since one of the things I use Google for most often is to find recipes.

What usually happens with recipes is that one version will be overwhelmingly popular and gets posted (or referenced) umpteen million times on people’s blogs, so I’ll often go through 3-4 pages of results just to see if I can find a different version that might appeal to me more than the one everyone else has tried already.