GOP Elites silence hoi polloi

Carney: Republican leaders trample their grass roots in Tampa [Emphasis added]:

A lot of us have been saying that the elite Patrician plutocrats do not care about the Lumpenproletariat. This action shows how much they care.

Isn’t this a good thing? Liberals have been urging the GOP to move towards the center, and squelch the Tea Party influence. Sounds like that’s exactly what they’re doing with these moves.

It is calculated. For years, people have been warning the Republican Party (Corporate) that keeping the Republican Party (Batshit) in line was going to be a problem sooner or later. Now, the chickens have come home to die. They have no choice, they have to gamble that the batshitiviks will, sooner or later, shrug and vote for Romney, or be bought off with promises of future power. Worked before, many times.

The alternative is to give the Tea Party everything it wants, and not simply a vacuous party platform that no one intends to take seriously. They do, they lose huge. They don’t, they might still eke out a victory, because an incumbent running in very tough times is very likely to lose.

Easy choice.

I’m all for moving the Republican Party to the Left. (Democratic Party, too.)

But I have to admit a certain amount of Schadenfreude toward the True Believers whose collective bubble has been pricked.

Sure, if it works and they win. But if they lose they’ll double down on the Tea Party and social conservatives, and never look back. We’ll end up with a Santorum/Bachman ticket in 2016. How do you think that’ll work out?