Republican elite and power brokers now on the sidelines - What's their game plan?

What’s their next move to save their skins? They are rapidly becoming beside the point. They speak for no one but the oligarchy at this point. What’s the plan for them to stay relevant and in power?

Republican elites surrender to Trump

We warned them, right here, for years, we warned them. Keep pandering to the Hateful Base, and you will get to a place where you cannot do without them. Adapt or perish, change or die.

Imagine that dinosaur, raising its saurian head and surveying the Earth that they rule. Glances at his feet for a moment, hey! What’s that strange little creature with the fur? Quick little fuckers, sure, you can crush it if you could catch one, but swift and agile. Ah, well, not to worry…hey!..Hey!..get away from my eggs!..

Easy - they go shopping for Democrats.

Wait, I thought that was in 1980.

I thought it was in 1900.

What I want to know is how much money will now be funneled from the Bush campaign to the others. Rubio will probably get most of it, a little bit for Cruz, but Trump doesn’t need it nor care about it. Will the establishment try to beat him up until he wins the nomination, or will it try to cozy up to him? And how will Trump react?

One thing is for certain: all those National Review idiots will not be pivoting to the Dems if Trump wins, they’ll continue business as usual. Will make for good fodder in the general, I think