GOP House investigation of President Joe Biden follow along thread

I have here in my hand a list of 205

He’s a married man, it would be wrong for him to take things any further than flirting.

It’s a strategy that works for them. They took the Bengazi thing, which was utter bullshit from start to finish and that led directly to the email server thing, which was also utter bullshit from start to finish, which led to Comey’s announcement a couple of weeks before the election, which was utter bullshit from start to finish, which probably led to Clinton losing the election.

They will start with the laptop, and expand to Hunter Biden’s tax returns, which will lead to some bullshit about an investment that sounds shady but isn’t, etc., rinse and repeat.

It’s all smoke machine and no fire, but enough of the electorate doesn’t follow closely enough.

This is the point Democrats need to start hammering on, all day, every day that these “investigations” are happening. And it’s got to be in-your-face. “I’m guilty? Fine, then send it to the courts!” Don’t let them get away with playing footsie with “charges”, make them stand up in court and try to spread their bullshit.

That was the only thing that did anything about Trump’s “Election Fraud” nonsense, and it pretty much convinced everyone who wasn’t already a MAGAt. We need to do that again, with all this crap.

Not quite “not enough”. Enough noticed this time to keep the Senate, at a time that is critical. Enough noticed to win the Presidency the last time around. Enough might notice this time, especially if these idiots try to put on a show like the January 6th committee did. Can you imagine what a clown show that would be? Everyone would see on live TV how thin the “evidence” really is.

Hell, we should demand such live hearings. “Put up or shut up!” should become an official Democrat Slogan.

We’ll see. You have right-wing media that will cover every detail breathlessly, and the rest is essentially both-sides media which will cover it as well (“Republicans say that Joe Biden set up a drug ring to keep Hunter out of jail. In this Ohio diner, four swing voters who all voted for Trump say the charges seem to be true.”)

MSNBC will note that the investigation is happening but appears to be bullshit, but no one will hear them.

It’s possible that Hunter owes some money to the IRS. If he cheated on his taxes, he’ll be investigated and dealt with in the normal way. But he is no part of the administration. He wasn’t put in charge of finding peace in the middle east. He doesn’t design overpriced purses and have his dad’s press secretary plug them. All the Republicans have to go on is “derp… something something laptop”. Jesus Christ- if that laptop had anything incriminating about Joe Biden and Rudy Gu911ni was in possession of it, wouldn’t he have leaked it by now? Wouldn’t he have held a presser in front of some porn shop to announce every gory detail? There is no there there. Of course that won’t stop them and the Republicans will spend the entirety of their two years in charge of the House throwing shit against the wall in hope that some of it sticks on Biden.

Tho the Repubs can form launch whatever investigations they wish, I do not expect the Dems to repeat the Repubs 1/6 mistake in refusing to participate. I hope reasonable Dems do so by consistently calling out BS investigations as BS. And future candidates using Repubs’ words against them on the campaign trail.

Now, I’m not necessarily averse to investigations into Covid expenditures, or the Afghan withdrawal. Both were pretty messed up. But I’m not sure either policy was anything other than a policy decision the successors disagree with.

I do not get how a post you agree with “exactly” is an example of confirmation bias on The Dope. Is it your confirmation bias?

Don’t let them off that easy. Remember that COVID, and COVID policies, started under Trump, and the Afghan withdrawal was Trump’s idea. Any Democrat asking questions on such a panel should have the goal of getting the witness to say “Trump” as often as possible.

Well, sure. But the mad flinging of $ IRT to covid was largely Biden’s watch and - IMO - unjustifiable at the time, and a clear waste in retrospect. But - of course - similar Monday morning quarterbacking can apply to any number of expensive boondoggles (a few trillion down a hole in the ground with no clear purpose other than to enrich military contractors?)

The Afghan w/drawal sure was STARTED under Trump. But there was really no need for the last month to be such a clusterfuck, was there? I really don’t care too much about the Afghans, but we sure did screw over a bunch of folk who trusted us.

I suspect the last month was going to be a clusterfuck, no matter when it was, or how well planned it was. When the people you think you’re leaving in charge to secure the country just decide not to show up for work, you’re going to get screwed no matter what you do.

They may not be invited to participate. Republicans are free to exclude Democrats from any select investigatory committees they convene, or to cherry pick which Democrats they’ll allow on the committee. But I assume most of these investigations will be done by the standing House committees, whose members have traditionally been decided by each party’s leaders.

Traditionally. . .

The Republicans didn’t refuse to participate, Speaker Pelosi rejected their choices to serve on the Committee.

And McCarthy could have offered different Republicans. He didn’t.

Hunter or Joe?

Hunter may be guilty of tax fraud and a few others. But who cares?

Joe is not guilty of any crimes. Nor is there any evidence he is.

The GOP does not have enough votes to do much. They might investigate Hunter, but where is the jurisdiction?


You rejected two Republicans? I reject your committee!

I look forward to learning that Barack Obama really is a Kenyan-born Muslim.


This is not a fair way to describe what happened. Pelosi accepted his nominees except for 2, which would be potential persons of interest in the hearings. This is akin to disqualifying jurors that are business partners of the defendant. McCarthy refused to replace those two members and then refused to participate. Republicans were welcome to join, just not those involved in the attempts to overthrow the constitution and government. Asking for them to be on the committee was outrageous.

Justified or not, Pelosi’s decision to reject the Minority Leader’s recommendation for Republican appointments to a committee broke precedent (she herself stated this). I expect that Republicans will not be shy about keeping the more effective Democratic Members off any investigating committees.

This is flat out incorrect. Only two of the Republicans put forth were rejected and for good reason since they were known to be cronies of TFG. You may find it helpful to make more effort in getting your facts straight.