GOP House investigation of President Joe Biden follow along thread

They haven’t even taken control of the House yet but the GOP is already signaling their intent to conduct hearings into “corruption” by President Biden.

Rep James Comer (R-KY) on Thursday 11/17/22

accused the Biden family of defrauding the United States, tax evasion, violating several laws and money laundering, among other accusations.
“The President’s participation in enriching his family is, in a word, abuse of the highest order,” Comer said. “I want to be clear: This is an investigation of Joe Biden, and that’s where our focus will be next Congress.”

…his intention with laying out the information was to “make it very clear that from this point on, this is no longer the Hunter Biden investigation. This is the Joe Biden investigation.

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So it appears this is the clown show we will be seeing going forward. Comer is the incoming chair of the House Oversight committee. Gym Jordan was at the press conference as well, bloviating about the Biden Crime Family seeing as he is incoming chair of the House Judiciary committee.

I don’t see this working out for them very well, especially since this is clearly aimed at impeaching Biden. People are exhausted by Trump and all his minions and their incessant whining and dramatics.

“We can govern in the people’s interest or make a lot of pointless noise. I hope we choose wisely.
Depending on the outcome of several key races, the Republican Party could soon have control of one or both houses of Congress. Robert Frost and politics don’t really mix, but his famous allegory is apt: Two roads diverge before this potential GOP majority. The one “less travelled by” would be to pass bills that would make things better for the American people. The more tempting and historically more frequented road would be to pursue pointless investigations, messaging bills, threats and government shutdowns. The road we choose could make “all the difference.””

  • Mitt Romney, 11/10/22

Take a hike, Mitt. There will be blood.

Wrong. The people Republicans need to vote love it and in fact demand it. It would be political suicide for a Republican to not support this

But all signs indicate Independents and those rare birds the “moderate Republicans” are well over it. They need those votes as well. The base may demand it but it is unlikely to win the GOP any national elections.

They might win without independents and so called “moderates”, but they cannot win without MAGA.

We will see. The math indicates that is highly unlikely. But yes, without the MAGAts they are indeed doomed to lose. And with 2 more years with TFG running it is likely the MAGA numbers will shrink as exhaustion sets in.

Hey you know what, if Biden is guilty of something then he should face the music.
(What I just said was easy to say, yet the Republicans as a collective lack the bravery to say the same thing about Trump.)

And yet, of course, there is no evidence of such. There is, however, plenty of evidence against their hero, Trump. They’re doing this to get even with the Democrats for daring to demand accountability.

Ain’t that the truth. Biden is no saint but his unswerving probity has never been questioned. He has dedicated decades of his life to public service and by all accounts is as much of a “real guy” as one is likely to get in a public figure or politician.

DJT on the other hand…huh. Where would I start?


If the same evidence existed for Trump, Dopers (including me) would be supportive of an investigation. Another fine example of confirmation bias on The Dope.

From the OP’s article:

Which Thursday? Two weeks from now?

All I’ve seen is conjecture about the dreaded LAPTOP and second hand accounts of meetings, text messages or overheard conversations. At best.

If there is credible evidence Joe Biden is guilty of tax evasion, defrauding the government, money laundering, pederasty, child sacrifice, mumpery, aggravated loitering or indictable offenses under our constitution, I say to the GOP, bring it, bring it on NOW.

Not holding my breath.

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As I said in another thread a while back, I’m just waiting for the Republicans to simply lie. Make up “evidence” out of whole cloth, claim testimony that didn’t actually happen, despite any denial of those who supposedly testified, and if anyone tries to check on anything written down, claim national security.

I’m not sure I understand you here. “If”? There’s plenty of evidence of the crimes Trump committed while in office, and even before then. How is this confirmation bias?

They don’t see it as a matter of “bravery”, they see it as a win. The ability to get away with something while holding the other side accountable tells them that they have power, period. You cannot use hypocrisy and/or shame as tools against them any more-hypocrisy is just a useful tool, and shame doesn’t exist.

It’s the same as the Big Lie. There was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in 2020. It’s been litigated numerous times. It’s the same strategy. Smear the democrats and Biden with lies and hope something sticks.

Right. It’s exactly the way they’ve convinced themselves Trump is such a smart businessman because he declared bankruptcy multiple times and therefore didn’t have to pay those debts. They’re only focusing on the part they like, and ignore the simple fact that the court is not going to grant you bankruptcy unless you have no assets to satisfy the debts. A successful (i.e. smart) business person does not need to declare bankruptcy.

What? I don’t understand how those two sentences fit together. Can you clarify?

What evidence?

Romney is such an intriguing figure. Quotes like this seem to suggest that he is aware of some concept of decency, yet he essentially never does more than flirt with it.