I pitt D'Anconia

I don’t think it’s all that hard to understand. Like anyone else, they want to be known for some kind of fame, to leave a legacy, to make a mark on the world. Their actual problem is they have nothing of value to contribute because they’re too self-absorbed to bother learning anything. That leaves just one thing left: getting people riled up enough to react to you. And that is their mark.

It’s like if you’re at a party, and you decide to “leave your mark” by squatting over the punch bowl and dropping a deuce in there. People will certainly talk about you.

@D_Anconia has made it clear he’s just a liar and troll. His behavior in the Election Deniers thread has removed all doubt. I imagine he will cross the line for the last time soon enough.

I got sick enough of it to give a 3 month ignore. Nothing worth seeing from that poster.

But if I remember correctly, one of their tactics is to troll riiiiight up to the mods having to notice, then toning it down just a tad for a few weeks/months, then scale right back like a trollish sine wave. And they’ve been doing it for a long time.

So while I’d love to see them cross the line and flame out, I doubt it will happen.

Why only three?

To get through the holidays of course. Don’t want that thing messing with my holiday spirit.

After that though, back to watching their stupid troll-face and waiting for an opportunity to get a righteous flag in towards the long term goal of banning his smirking piehole.

@D_Anconia should be horrified that people are confusing some @DrDeth posts with his in this thread: GOP House investigation of President Joe Biden follow along thread. If that ever happened to me, I’d seriously consider how I could improve my posts.

On a related note, @DrDeth should be horrified that some people are confusing his posts with @D_Anconia’s.

Well, @D_Anconia did pick up where @DrDeth left off. I can see the confusion in the thread.

I just thought it was funny that one jackass was being confused for the other jackass because, in general, they’re different kinds of jackasses.

But they are jackasses so it’s bound to happen from time to time.

Not just that, but I believe they are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, and it’s a political thread. Yet they are essentially parroting each other, or at least tag-teaming (if unintentionally).

Both are being idiots in the thread. Like, point and laugh idiots. Though I still think DrDeth is generally okay, and D_Anconia is nothing but bad for the board.

Essentially, in that thread DrDeth has what I think is a ridiculous opinion, but it’s still a sincere opinion. D_Anconia is basically trolling.

DrDeth is mostly just kind of self-blindered and not all that clever most of the time. D’Asshole is deliberately an asshole and never even remotely clever

Where they overlap, though in different ways, is their certitude in their own correctness in the face of ever increasing evidence to the contrary

I can see that last trait leading to a certain amount of conflation in the minds of many Dopers

You know, that’s very well said, I see why you are the “Great” Antibob.

Poor Bob never had a chance.

I don’t know, does D’Anconia ever openly lie in, and then run and hide from, threads? Because Deth does.

Nah, lies and then doubles down, sealions, generally acts like an asshole, and derails threads entirely. It’s …charming

Funny, my ignore list of extant posters contains exactly two names…

@D_Anconia of late seems to be doing little but attempting to derail threads as far from the original topic as they possibly can manage without getting into too much shit with the mods. Totally a troll 1st Class.

In that particular thread DrDeth is just being a dick. Not really sure the reason.

You kinda answered your own question. It’s because he’s DrDeth.

I’m seriously disappointed none of you rejected D_Anconia’s cite for the House’s leadership as not being sufficiently neutral.

Fair enough. My fault for hoping some people come to a discussion in good faith.