I pitt D'Anconia

from 155 from here, Hillary makes bogus claim of racism in Alabama (about voting and drivers licenses), a thread by everyone elses favorite person, ITR Champion.

I do not like him. I do not trust him. I do not know if he is a troll who believes none of what he says or if he is a troll with a far far far super stubborn right wing agenda. Really, though, it does not matter. Because, I do not like him. I do not trust him. Everything he says is stupid. Him. Francisco d’Anconia (A character from Atlas Shrugged).

More rudness and snarkitude from D’Anconia

I do dispute it. The vast majority of people don’t live on one of the NYC subway lines. How do people drive, in rural Alabama? 167

Your statement is backwards. Did you ever consider that the reason they are “really poor” is because they don’t have a job? 179

And they should vote, why exactly? So they can spend other people’s money? 181

People are trying to explain to him the difficulties of being poor but he just keeps up with the same tactics. So, what say you SDMB, is this guy completely trolling us all, doesn’t believe a word he says, or is he just mean and stubborn?

To a Randian, such things as compassion and empathy are moral failings.

Troll. A very dumb and racist one. I tend to stay away from the debate forum, but I got into that thread a little, and got the fuck out. Why people continue to engage him is beyond me.

I agree… just to satisfy my own curiosity… doe he actually believe anything he says… I’m kind of super tired and my brain is not 100% right now…

I don’t see why people are talking to him either. I quit after the “why should they get to vote” comment.

To a Randian, the Free Market (peace be upon him) provides the correct value of all things, including people. If someone is poor, then that person’s has been determined to be valueless by the Free Market (praise his name) and so not worth worrying about.

  1. People here love to argue.
  2. There’s a feeling that every stupid statement must be disproved as someone may find the thread and idiot arguments have not been smacked down.
    It makes the idiot look credible if no one refuted his statements.

I can’t tell - is this supposed to be a real person?


good job, 9/10… at least!

I suffer from the same affliction… (not being able to let it go)

I don’t care if he’s a troll or just an idiot. He’s a fucking asshole and I’m sorely tempted to place him on my ignore list.

Ruins every thread he shows his ugly posts in. Needs to be banned ASAP. I can’t believe he escaped a warning in that thread about Hillary and DMV closings in AL.

Actually, tomndebb warned him and then vanished it a couple of minutes later.

I missed that. Too bad. I think “bite me” is pretty clearly against the rules.

That was exactly what the warning was for.
You need to spend all your time hitting “New Posts”. :smiley:

I predict: Banned by Christmas. I’m very confident of that.

I don’t know. He’s very good at edging right up to the line and phrasing replies so he has wiggle room (in his mind, the rest of us can see it) to deny he meant what he said.

I think the mods are getting tired of line dancers.

What I find interesting is he won’t take personal responsibility for his posts.

So we don’t get too far into ATMB in this Pit thread, I opened an ATMB about the moderation in the Hillary/DMV GD thread. I welcome folks to post their thoughts there.

No, at least according to Rand there is nothing wrong with compassion and empathy, but they are not primary virtues. One’s first duty is to provide for oneself and one’s children and spouse if appropriate; if one has sufficient resources to then be charitable, by all means do so if you want. It won’t get you into heaven (which doesn’t exist, of course) but if it makes you feel good and if you are not stealing from other people to do it, charity is fine.

There is a lot wanting in Rand’s philosophy, but it is not completely one-dimensional. One trouble with people like D’Anconia is that they haven’t gone past the sound bite stage, absorbing it by osmosis instead of actual study.

are there any actual examples from the novels of major characters performing acts of “charity”?