I pitt D'Anconia

From here.

How do they feel about pole dancers?

I like D’Anconia, what he’s done with the Spartan football team these past few years… oh shoot, D’AnCONIA. Never mind. D’Anconia. I feel a bit sad for him. He’s bought into this puritanical belief that the poor are entirely responsible for their plight and could easily join the middle class if they just got off their asses and stop asking for free stuff. I don’t think he has any comprehension of what it’s truly like to be poor and/or black in the US, and this is caused by listening to Hate Radio, watching FOX, and reading the wrong books. I hope he has an Ebenezer Scrooge moment and becomes as earnest an advocate for the poor as he currently is against them.

Yes, you’d have to dig back in the thread a bit for TonyStClairs original comment. I’m 90% certain, not 100.

9/10, at least :smiley:

also, 9/10 :smiley: (at least)

I can get along with most of the ‘conservative’ posters here; indeed, adaher is quite fun to read and argue with, and Scumpup, Smapti, and others, once off their 'hot button" issues, can be a pleasure to read. And even Shodan is only a wee bit of an asshole…:cool:

No D’Anconia. He qualifies in my book as a full-fledged, wide-open in a Goatse-sort of way, complete and utter asshole.

I’ll bet** D’Anconia** never had a pet as a child.

“Mom, can I have a hamster?”
“Do you promise to clean its cage and make sure it has food and water?”
“It can damn well do it itself!”

Away from politics, Shodan makes very worthwhile posts, and is not remotely an asshole.

And D’Anconia is barely worth Pitting. He’s pretty easy to dismiss in the debate fora, and will find his way out of here either by being banned or getting tired of losing arguments.

I’ve been here for ten years, he’s the only poster that has made my ignore list.

I agree he’s either incredibly stupid or a troll. I’ve seen a post from him that actually contributes to a thread. So there is really no reason to figure out which, he’s just useless. He goes out of his way to derail threads that aren’t supportive of his philosophies by nitpicking inane details.

I don’t feel I’m missing a thing not seeing his posts.

My point stands. There is no standard of worthiness express or implied in that quote. Also, people who give charity generally have some concern as to the worthiness of the recipient. You might give charity to someone who is willing to work but is down on his luck; you would be less likely to give charity to someone who had won the lottery and blown it all on hookers and blow and was now unable to afford to keep his pimp-mobile. But that standard of worthiness would be yours and no-one else’s.

eta: this is my reading of Rand’s point of view, not necessarily my point of view. Just for clarification.

D’Anconia never loses arguments. Never once, ever. He trainwrecks and derails them. Every. Single. Fucking. Time. – He totally pwned that Hillary DMV thread, and the mods went and modded just about everyone else in that thread for saying things that may have hurt poor widdle D’Anconia’s feelings.

Actually, tomndebb warned him for a few minutes, then removed the post.

Christsakes, it’s pit, not pitt.

kayaker, whose BS is from Pitt.

Because when it comes to trolls this board doesn’t just engage, it rolls out the red carpet and fondles their balls while serving them a martini. You could be the most obvious, ignorant, one-note troll on the web and there will still be somebody on here who will miss the fucking obvious and try to debate you.

There was a thread in one of the pussy hugging forums recently, something to do with a guy pretending be asexual but having to fight off amorous advances from a girl in his dorm. It was one of thee most blatant, obvious, clear as day trolls I have ever seen and still the kitty cuddlers were all over it, to the point that they were tut-tutting anybody who dared to be anything but sympathetic to the guy who was pretending that he was only sexually attracted to mailboxes.

Was that before or after you started a Pit thread about him?


I don’t know. I’ve seen some PRETTY SEXY mailboxes in my time…

Mailbox Porn. I have nothing to add. Just doing this for John.

I can see right thorough your trick to get me to log on to Facebook!!

Can’t get it on AOL?

I haven’t had much trouble getting him to shut up. Maybe it’s just my lack of deodorant that sends him running. :smiley:

Must’ve missed that one. Didn’t even know Hillary had had problems at the DMV.

My experience of the Dope was vastly improved when I could no longer see his posts.