GOP House investigation of President Joe Biden follow along thread

It seems to me that they don’t actually have to DO an investigation. They get plenty of mileage and coverage from announcing that there will be an investigation…starting in two weeks. Following through will be an awful lot of work and plenty of brownie points are racked up among the MAGAts from the threat announcement alone.

Yeah, my bad; in retrospect, a bit of a hijack.

“They” announced nothing of the sort. One congresscritter said he wanted them. Has the House GOP leadership announced such?

There’s definitely going to be an ‘investigation’. They will call hearings and drag people in to answer questions. Some, like Tony Bobulinski, will be cooperative and insinuate all kinds of shady things. Most will be there just so the committee members can take turns giving five minute speeches hoping to get a line in here or there that really pops so they can get invited on Sean Hannity.

And then things will die down for a while until some NY Post article has a ‘new’ detail that isn’t really new and we get to do the whole thing again.

There’s definitely more than one guy.

Incoming House Oversight Committee Chair Comer (R-KY) and incoming House Judiciary Committee Chair Jordan (R-OH) and nine ten other Republicans from those committees had a big press conference the other day and told us all about the investigations they were going to launch.

Leadership, such as it is, hasn’t made a peep about stopping them, and I see no reason to believe that they will.

The one congresscritter is the ranking Republican on the House Oversight Committee, from which such an investigation would be launched.

Maybe he was bluffing.

Maybe he was throwing down a gauntlet to McCarthy to outline the price for his support as Speaker.

But he’s not just some backbencher - he’s going to head the committee in less than six weeks.

And then they will claim that their important investigation was stopped by woke immigrant loving satanists. Or something along those lines.

The Senate has a lot of discretion in how they handle impeachment proceedings. They can (and have) hand impeachments off to a committee to do the legwork then bring it back to the floor for a vote. Or they could simply vote on conviction right away. And impeachment proceedings cannot be filibustered.

Yes, I mean it’s possible that he’ll be replaced between now and then, but why? Occam’s Razor.


Read the link in the OP. Comer (who is incoming chair of the Oversight Committee) and Jordan (who is incoming head of the Judiciary Committee) said at the press conference referenced in the OP they would be conducting investigations into the “corruption” they claim is running rampant because of the Biden family.

Again, read the link in the OP. Or if you need to see the video of the actual press conference click here.

Comer and Jordan, by being committee chairmen, are part of the incoming House Leadership. So there’s that.

Likely incoming Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has indicated he is down for a variety of investigations of the current administration, including investigations of wrongdoing by President Biden.

You may have heard of McCarthy. I don’t think anyone is more part of the incoming House leadership than him.

Steve Scalise has also indicated this will happen. (Also part of the incoming House leadership.)

Again, read the link in the OP.

I hope that is the end of the “they have done no such thing” garbage.

The committee Chairmen are not part of House leadership, by the House’s own definition.

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Let me ask you, do you know what the House Oversight Committee does? In order to get back on track in this thread. How about the Judiciary Committee?

You know, it’s perfectly acceptable to say something like:

Thank you for the information. It appears I was wrong when I said ““They” announced nothing of the sort. One congresscritter said he wanted them.” It’s obvious now it was more than one. It does appear that several GOP congresscritters have said that, including the incoming chair of the Oversight Committee and the incoming chair of the Judiciary Committee. Thank you for letting me know this.

Seriously. Try saying “I was wrong” sometime when you’re wrong. It is quite OK to do so.

I don’t know if your conclusion is correct.

For instance, from your cite:

Now, I suppose you may be semantically correct that there are people who are referred to as “House Leadership” and that Comer and Jordan are not part of that, but they are still leaders within the House.

If that’s what you are really hanging your hat on, then congratulations, you have pointed out a silly semantic nitpick that does absolutely nothing to refute the actual point being made.

Now, is that really what you were actually doing here, or do you actually have a point that is relevant?

You’re conflated posts by @DrDeth with posts by @D_Anconia. DD made the ‘nothing of the sort’ post.

McCarthy and Scalise are part of House leadership, or are you denying that? They have both stated they are all in favor of investigating President Biden for corruption.

Committee chairs are appointed by the Speaker. They don’t randomly start investigations that the Speaker and leadership don’t want to happen. Trying to say this isn’t favored by the incoming House leadership is not correct.

Is the Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee part of House Leadership? How about the ranking member of the Europe, Energy, the Environment and Cyber Subcommittee within Foreign Affairs? At that rate, practically half the House would be considered “leadership”, which would then be meaningless.

You appear to have missed this item posted earlier as well as the links in the OP. It is a staff report by GOP members of the House Oversight committee.

In reading it they make it clear their intent is to investigate President Biden for all manner of supposed crimes. In the executive summary they refer to “Committee Republicans’ investigation”. So although you don’t think there is an investigation ongoing at this point, the House GOP members of this committee do think there is already an investigation in progress. Huh, someone must be wrong about this whole “investigation” business.

The right wants to investigate Biden, I’d say it’s fine though I highly suspect what they are doing is vengeance. but it is their right and their responsibility if deemed fit. They have done a lot of accusations but have provided little to no evidence. They like to claim the famous Hunter laptop, but so far there is nothing released for us to examine. They have been nothing but the party of conspiracies and no substance right now but I say if they want to go ahead but if they come back they better bring a cake (some hard evidence).

I actually think their ability to investigate Biden has put them in a difficult spot which now they have to but I don’t think much will come of it. It was more valuable for them to baselessly claim there were issues then given the ability to find them, and I think they know it and thinking of ways to spin this with the least damage to themselves.

But time will tell, give it your best shot GOP, you got your wish and perhaps your nightmare.

Is Kevin McCarthy part of House leadership? These people have those posts because he appointed them. Clearly House leadership is aware of their work and approves it or they would remove them from those posts.

But I’m done with your attempt to hijack this thread with your little semantic games about what constitutes “leadership” of the House. Multiple posts have been made that make it clear the GOP is already investigating the President. Read the links provided.