New House Judiciary Chairman to Obama: Prepare for Investigations

How much time and money is the new House Judiciary Assclown going to waste on this shit.

Mr. Lamar Smith, if you’re a true conservative then don’t throw away our tax dollars on this nonsense.

How did we manage to give the keys to these people?

He’s going to hold Obama accountable for what exactly?

I say let these idiots bring it on. There’s nothing to find, and all they’re going to succeed in doing is enraging the tea baggers when they can’t find the birth certificate or the sixes on his head.

Maybe they’ll get him for having sexual relations with that woman who’s always suspiciously by his side.

I’m so on board with this pit. Government should never be investigated for anything and government should never be held accountable for anything it does.

You must have posted this in the wrong thread. The OP didn’t say that, and neither has anybody else.

Non-Obama fan here.

WTF is this about? What allegations need Congressional inquiry? I’m not aware of any legitimate concerns about Obama doing anything wrong, illegal, or unethical as POTUS. He’s made many decisions with which I disagree, but that’s because his political philosophy differs from mine.

I think we should start investigating every new Republican Senator and Congress-critter, before they even take office. Just sort of a permanent open-ended investigation to look for whatever it is that we might find.

Oh wait, that’s stupid, just like your idea.

How about if investigations are only opened on important matters, when there is some actual problem to investigate? That might be the ticket.

Feel free to expound on what Presidential actions of the past two years should be investigated, and we’ll see if maybe they hold water.

I think you 've just hit on the terms of reference for the investigations.

Michele Bachmann was promisng this would happen a couple of weeks ago. It’s just harassment and misdirection, and maybe a little bit of hope for a longshot discovery of somthing they can spin as a scandal. I think this will end up burning them. There isn’t going to be any jizz on a dress this time.

This is just the sort of political suicide that will doom the republicans. They just can’t help themselves or accept democratic elections.

The sad thing is it probably won’t. “Investigations” that go nowhere generally aren’t noticed; there’s no news to report, nothing for a reporter to stand in front of. The money that will be pissed away will be hard to measure and won’t be reported on by the press.

I’ve always understood this (and the Clinton-era open ended investigations) as being in part a strategy of tying up the White House staff by bombarding them with incessant investigative demands intended to make it more difficult to carry out their regular jobs.

I wish they’d just cut to the chase and admit that he’s under investigation for suspicion of being a Socialist.

Well said.

A lot.
I’m prayin he accidentally swallows an atom-bomb.

Well he used to pal around with terrorists. They could start there. Then we need to know if he smoked dope in high school and college. We should do like the Starr Commission and investigate every aspect of his life since his birth in Africa and his madrassa education.

It’s good that you and Oakminster are sensible, sane people who are no doubt interested in a party that governs to the best of their ability to make the country better.

Sadly, the leadership of the Republican party do not share your views.

As we’ve seen in this OP, Lamar Smith, House Judiciary Chairman


Darrell Issa, the California Republican poised to head the powerful house oversight and investigation committee,has begun gathering evidence for sweeping investigations of Barack Obama’s environmental agenda, from climate science to the BP oil spill,
Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) says the top two priorities of a GOP Congress would be to repeal health care and to investigate programs of the Obama administration.

**McConnell **says top priority for GOP congress is to make Obama a one-term president
It’s one thing to hear calls of “Investigate, investigate” based on nothing but ideological hatred from internet crackpots, or even smalltown newspapers. But the worrying thing is that we’re hearing these calls from ranking Republican politicians.

This is how they are telling us, plainly and clearly, EXACTLY HOW they plan on governing for the next while.

Nah, they won’t be able to help themselves and they’ll shout it from the rooftops every time they open an investigation.

Lamar Smith says ““Right now, because of the one party monopoly, the Administration has been able to dodge any kind of supervision, any kind of oversight committee action, and they refuse to testify, and that is no longer acceptable.””

I completely agree with him. In fact, I agreed with this in 2006. I can only assume he felt the same way at the time.

  1. New Black Panther Party
  2. Joe Sestak’s Job Offer
  3. ACORN’s Offspring
  4. BP Oil Spill

According to FOX News.