GOP Minority Outreach (Don't Step In The Macaca)

Ditto! But how come I always hear about this stuff so late? Never knew that he was making fun of my people. I could have had something to be up in arms about!

Seriously, I don’t understand why people don’t learn to just shut their damn mouths. Why would you call anybody a ___ if you “didn’t know the meaning of the word”? And if you knew it was racist, more reason to shut your damn mouth. And to address the broader issue of racism…even if you think all of us Indians are ragheads, does it really take anything away from you to keep it to yourself? Especially when you’re living a public life?

“Vote McCain: He Won’t Do What He Says He’ll Do”

They should run with that.

I wonder how many minorities will show up to this thing, and how much the ones that do got paid to be there.

Imagine into one hand, crap into the other, and let us know which one fills up first.

I forget who it was who made the Mc=W^2 suggestion, but I’ve converted it into an icon.

Whatever, I still it’ll take a dead girl or a live boy (I believe that is the expression) to derail Obama’s chances.

Now that you mention it, Biden does look a bit like Gene Wilder. So when does Obama put the gun to his head?

The only reason I’m even reading the political threads anymore is in the hopes of being able to appropriately respond:

“The President is a niBONG

Huh. Well, I guess I’ve posted it now. Bye . . .


I’m mostly hoping for a pic that can be captioned “Scuse me while I whip this out.”

Check here. I think they had one like that sometime back.

Some time back, one Doper posted a link to this picture of Obama in a cowboy hat. If you’ve seen Blazing Saddles, it’s almost impossible not to look at the picture and think of the movie.

Holy crap, he looks hot in that hat!

That is just ::sniffs:: so great. Hey, the guy is not only handsome, he actually looks dignified in a cowboy hat!*

Sarah Palin, proud purveyor of authentic frontier gibberish. Okay, the visual with the mountain man doesn’t work. But her spate of meaningless twaddle and the reverent, damp-eyed audience of town folks, all white and named Johnson? Yep, it’s got legs.

*He’s also crazy-brave, and so is his wife. I’m quite seriously scared shitless for all of them. Too many poison-mean racists and right-wing fanatics in this country.

That’s the first thing I thought, too. Damn, that was smokin’.

That’s just because you’re imaging the chaps he wearing.

Oh, good grief, I am SO going to hell for laughing at this one.

In general, something about minority outreach rally just doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe I just don’t buy that the sentiment is authentic, i don’t know. The whole idea would offend me if I were a minority I suspect but I suppose I probably shouldn’t speak for millions of people.

Just my own random thoughts on the article, carry on.

I’ve been following the news fairly closely, but I’ve not seen if Obama has specifically addressed the Black/Brown issue. I had been hoping he’d pick Richardson for that particular issue. Or did the Republicans throw away the Hispanic vote that was essential during 2004 with the recent anti-illegal immigrant emphasis of theirs?

Definitely Black Bart

Yes, the Democrats feel that they alone can save minorities from the terrible situation they find themselves born into. I understand your frustration at the Republicans trying to take away the Democrats’ voting block.

Frustration. Because this is the GOP spin machine trying to win minority votes. And hey, they sure are good at it!

Frightening to consider how they think, and act, when they don’t try.