GOP Minority Outreach (Don't Step In The Macaca)

I figure it’s going to end up in the Pit anyway, so might as well just post it here:

Virginia GOP Planning Rally To Reach Out To Minorities – Starring George Allen!

For the record, Allen’s no racist. He is, in fact, quite colorblind, and he honestly did not notice that the only people his mother called “macacas” were not white. And his innocence was so complete that he made no connection between “macaca” and “macaque” and thought that it was just a cute name to call Mammy, Pork, and Prissy.

Reeeeeeach out, reach out and recoil from touching someone.

I’m sure he genuinely believed the guy was a monkey with a camera.

Move along, nothing to see.

Ah, my favorite part: "The whole [macaca] thing was a smear-job by the Dems: “Anyone had to go on Wikipedia to be offended by it. And you know how people can mess with Wikipedia.”

Tsk! Those sneaky Dems, messing with Wikipedia again! Will their treachery and lies never end?!

They gonna hand out those Obama-as-Aunt-Jemima boxes of pancake mix at this outreach thingy? 'Cause those sure caused a laff riot before.

Do these GOP idiots forcibly remind anyone else of, hell, just about the entire script of Blazing Saddles?

"The salt of the Earth, the common clay, you know …


Starving Artist, nostalgic for the 50s, before Evil Liberals destroyed civic life and even blacks didn’t seem all that discomforted by segregation:

“I don’t hear no singing! You sang like birds when you wuz slaves!”

No, no, Captor, you’ve got the emphasis all wrong.

“You gotta remember that these are simple farmers; people of the land; the common clay of the new West.
You know, morons.”

Man, this election is shaping up to be the entertainment of the decade. I was almost worried at first, before McCain showed his true colours, but this… this is amazing. Too bad the election has such wide-reaching consequences.

Perhaps the GOP should have guys in monkey suits in the crowds, just for deniability.

“No, sir, I wasn’t referring to you, I was referring to the gentleape next to you. The gorilla-type person.”

I’m glad you’re entertained. I am not. Vast numbers of Americans seem to be extraordinarily gullible, and vast numbers of others are so disgusted by the process as to opt out together.

It stuns me to incomprehension why even 1 single woman would change to a McCain voter because of Sarah Palin, yet perhaps millions seem to be considering it. The bubble does seem to be bursting, but I don’t get how it got inflated in the first place.

I’m seriously worried that this is not a done deal.

Keep in mind that McCain did better with white women before the convention than after it. His ploy does not seem to have worked in that regard, looking at the general population and not at specific voters.

His problem in that regard is that he’s asking Hilary supporters to back a woman who was picked over older, less attractive, more qualified women not because of any particular achievement on Palin’s part but because of her looks, naked ambition, and guile.
That’s exactly the type of person Hilary supporters hate hate hate, more than the horn-dog pig men who do the picking.

Also, instead of waiting for true sexism to emerge organically from the press, the McCain camp started screaming sexism pre-emptively. Which made them look silly.

His ploy gives “liberal” white women who are closeted racists an excuse to not vote for Obama. Not a good excuse, but better than nothing. The real question is, how many of them are there?

I’m entertained because while McCain may have extreme right hands up his ass controlling what he says, I imagine if he’s elected he’ll tell them to piss off and run the country his way.

And whatever way that is, it would be a million times better than Bush.

I have some faerie dust and a bridge I would like to sell you.

Oh yeah, three magic beans as well.

Perhaps a map to the Lost Dutchman gold mine?

Reach Out
Reach Around

Same thing, right?

Has McCain shown any inkling that he plans to pander to the religious right on any issue? Because I’m pretty sure he hasn’t.

Does picking Sarah Palin for VP count as evidence?

Do you know what I think? I think this is the GOP sending a very strong and clear message to us minorities.
Yeah, I hear ya, ya bunch of cracker motherfuckers.

Only once every couple of days for the last year or so.

Do you remember McCain’s endorsement from James Hagee? Because both McCain and Hagee would probably prefer you didn’t. :wink: