GOP Pundit trying to sound brave re Trump dissolves into hysterical "go nuclear" Barney Fife

This National Review GOP pundit’s article needs to be savored like a fine brandy. It’s like watching a French noble wondering why the peasants are assembling a guillotine on his lawn. This is some of the most astounding delusional nonsense I’ve ever seen from someone purports to be an important pundit. This is what is going on inside his head. Seriously.

The short version

1: Our base is a is bunch of ideologically rigid, easily frustrated voters who are going with Trump because they feel we have not been hardcore enough.

2: These easily gulled and misled peasants are burning down the house!

3: Just when we’re on the cusp of HUGE resurgence in GOP conservatism

4: If Trump is elected life on earth will end.

5: I am not worried about my job!


It’s Time for an Anti-Trump Manhattan Project

OK so … the REAL GOP electorate are actually this “significant portion” of hardcore, ideologically rigid people NOT the registered GOP voters going for Trump. Wha…?
Oh wait … it’s all just a big misunderstanding by “the most frustrated voters” AKA the GOP working class base who are easily misled.

But… but … all the pieces are in place! we’re on the cusp edge of a re-building resurgence and the peasants are trying to burn the castle down. They’re crazy! I shall turn to drink! a fine bourbon of course.

OK …so what happens?

Oh… so life on earth would end.

Of *course *you’re not worried about your job, your retirement, your status, your relevance or even the marvelous champagne parties. You are brave and stouthearted man!

Now what? Uh oh!

“Melt the fences!” … Time to go nuclear, CHAPS!"

Now where’s that boy with my bourbon?

Soon, soon, it will be Karneval in Amerika.

The prince, also called “Seine Tollität” (His Madness), is the most important personage of the Cologne carnival. His float is the final one in the large parade on Shrove Monday. The naming as “prince” came as late as 1872, prior to it the name was “Held Carneval” (hero carnival), the personification of carnival. His attributes however remained unchanged, those of a regent: crown with peacock tail, a golden chain, a girdle with glitzy stones, white undershorts and a purple jacket. A sceptre in the right hand, and a slapstick in the left one. The slapstick is known as a general symbol of the fool, but specifically it is a fertility symbol and the symbol of the princely reign over his fool people during carnival.
Cologne Carnival — Wikipedia

Carn-i-val ! Carn-i-val !! Carn-i-val !!! __________________

Well, we certainly have a new contender for the worst use of " a Manhattan Project for X".

I especially like that he wants an “expedited Manhattan Project”. No lazy dilly-dallying around like Oppenheimer and Groves did with the Nazi’s. This is really serious.

Also, the “melt down the fences, we need long range bombers here” is such a weird metaphor I can’t even guess what it means. Is it a reference to something I’m unfamiliar with? Why do bombers meant to fight Trump need to be long-range? What fences? Are we melting down the fences because they’re in the way of us building bombers and melting is the best way to get rid of them, or to get material for the bombers, or for some other purpose? Is melted fence a natural bomber building material for some reason I’m unaware of?

I get a flash that he’s referring to the nuclear nightmare scene in the Terminator, where somebody is clinging to a wire playground fence when the blast hits. Hard to be sure, guy writes like a dump truck sings.

I think melting fences is the opposite of mending fences, in which case it’s my new favorite phrase.

Indeed. A rare sighting of "pusillanimity’. Indeed.

My first thought was melt the fences=turn the electrical fences up to 11. Not sure if that works here.

Ross Douthat has a column in the NYT blaming Democrats for Trump because Obama was too much a celebrity and his “imperial presidency” paved the way for Trump’s bullying. Yes, and two lines of lip service about how Bush is to blame… for providing the opening for Obama.

Must be a foregone conclusion that Trump is going to win if the conservative establishment is already looking for ways to make it all the liberals’ fault.

Oh man, thank you for that. It lead me to this. They really are going nuclear over at NR. :smiley:

The missiles are flying. Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

The best part about all this is that even if they managed to bring down Trump they are not going to get the majority of his voters to fall back in line, either way they are doomed.

I think he means like how Napoleon melted down the cannon captured in the Battle of Austerlitz in order to build the Column in the Place Vendome, only in reverse.

Man, that’s some…writing, there.

I like this line:

Where comes this urge from the voters to “stop” what they elected people to accomplish?

Methinks the “Fences” is a Conservative “Special Word” - it means something special to the Old Guard of Rock-Ribbed Republicans.
Few of which are likely to be regular posters here.

My take is “forget the intra-GOP divisions, we ALL must join forces to Stop Trump!”.

Well, the voters would obviously change their minds. Well, they could. Well, they might. Might take a while. The voters are patient. It’s a secret plan, buried in a jar out in the voters’ back yard.

Sorry if you don’t understand the code here, but the term “voters” does not include the deluded liberals and socialists who help the Obamas and Clintons get elected: no true [del]Scotsman[/del] voter would act that way.

I thought of that too. But then that makes the the Republican establishment…Skynet?

During WWII, the British government requisitioned fences and railings, including from the estates and London homes of the gentry and nobility, to be melted down and used for military purposes. That fits with the “chaps” in the last sentence.

So a kind of scavenging/recycling, hunter/gatherer military style political campaign. Shall we strip the copper wiring from the walls of uncompleted buildings?

Hold it! Let us dispel with this fiction that these deluded liberals and socialists don’t know what they’re doing. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing.