GOP Wants to Cut Tsunami Warning Center

I love seeing Second Amendment Remedies being applied to one’s foot. Link here.

Best comment: Great idea GOP tsunamis are rare so much so I do not think there is a word for them in Japanese

Real Americans aren’t affected by tsunamis. They live in the heartland of America, just like Jesus did.

Oh, please post that in the Comments! :smiley:

Even with the warning, several southern Oregon communities and Crescent City, CA took millions of dollars of damage to watercraft and piers. It would have been much worse had many of the commercial boats not taken to sea to ride it out.


How much would the budget be reduced? How would this affect any warning system?

The link basically gives no information. Just because something should exist doesn’t mean that they need 100% of the money that they’ve been getting or that that money wouldn’t be better spent elsewhere.

Let the free market work. If people want to live a tsunami zone, they can pay to have their own warning system. We don’t need tax payers subsidizing their lifestyle choice.

That goes for those fuckers living near rivers, fault lines, forest fire areas, slide areas, tornado zones and hurricane zones, too. Right?

Drought areas, flood plains, volcanoes, blizzard areas, any area that has any other type of storm, the list goes on…

Exactly, it’s obvious the government can’t save us. Every man for himself.

Yeah, I like how the article says “cut funding” but the OP twists the title to ‘cut warning center’. Apparently the reality of the situation isn’t good enough to provoke enough outrage. :rolleyes:

Did you miss the part about “deep cuts” and “furloughs and rolling closures”? :rolleyes: back at you.

No, those would be part of cutting funding.
Nothing in article there states that the center won’t still be there. Hey, I’m sure the ends are worth the means.

Did you missed the part about “could result in furloughs and rolling closures”, quoting a union rep?

I’m pretty sure most people who’ve managed or worked for large companies have experienced budget cuts. Everybody knows what it means, and it never includes increased level of service and the reasonable expectation is always that capacity will be reduced.

In the case of manufacturing or sales businesses, you’re just matching the decrease in sales & bookings. In the case of services and utilities not tied to consumer volume, you’re inevitably reducing the volume and/or quality of what you provide.

Yeah, I think the funding cuts are pretty shitty, but when management says that some people might be laid off, screaming that the factory is going to close isn’t helping.

And in the case of tsunamis, you’re adjusting for the future decrease in tsunamis due there already having been so many that there can’t be any left.

Not quite. China is producing knock-off tsunamis for half the price.

Ah, the law of conservation of natural disasters!
Well now it makes sense.

It’s generally thought to be due the global warmings.

But our winter was so cold!