Gordon Freeman calls Coast to Coast AM

I’ve never seen this before. It’s amusing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biqnL84l85s

Reminds me how much I am looking forward to the conclusion of the HL2 series.

Oh, dear, I am amused.

Wow did that really happen? Absolute genius :smiley:

You’re the sole reason I even know who Gordon Freeman is Hoopy. I liked your sig so much on the other board I googled Glados then I had to buy a PS3* so I could play Portal. Unfortunately, I got stuck on level 15 because I’m too damn slow to hit the butoon in both rooms and shoot the two new portals.:mad: So I thought I’ld try this Half-life 2 game that came with it and discovered that I really, really like killing zombies.:cool: Who knew?

*Please don’t tell me I bought the wrong system, it was a compromise. Mrsin never, ever plays video games but I conviced him it was a good idea because of the blue ray player. So what game should I get next? And would you mind coming over to my house and getting me past that damn level 15?

Is level 15 the one where you have to click the two buttons which open up the energy ball-proof doors so that you can get an energy ball into the receptacle and finally activate the lift that gets you out of there? That part was a pain in the butt. A little too “twitch” for my likings in what is mostly a puzzle game. But I think consolers at at a slight disadvantage when it comes to twitch anyway. Analog sticks just can’t compare to a mouse. (I play all modern games on a 360 because my computer was a high-end home rig back in 2003. It can’t do much with modern games.)

If you have a halfway decent computer you should look into getting the original Half-Life, though. Most of the jokes in the link above are a reference to it. I particularly enjoyed the “I thought he was the administrator but he turns out he’s not” bit. It’s a reference to how when HL1 came out, there were mentions of the administrator of the Black Mesa facility throughout the game. Everyone assumed the G-Man (who has yet to be given a canonical name in any of the games) was the administrator, until HL2 came out and showed that the administrator was really Dr. Wallace Breen, and the G-Man has his own agenda.

That’s exactly the part I’m stuck at. My computer right now sucks. I listened to my kids and bought a macbook, bleh, and I use a tablet computer at work. We travel too much to ever have a desk-top computer again.