Gorilla and Bear

Has there ever been a fight between a gorilla and a bear? Who won the fight? What kind of gorilla and bear were involved?

Well in 1933, Max Baer fought Max Schmeling*, who was a paratrooper in the ’40s. He was never a guerrilla, though, so I s’pose that doesn’t count?

*He did help to smuggle Jewish people out of Germany. Good for him.

Call the cops, SPCA, PETA, and the RESCUE Ring. We can get those “Sports” in jail this time… er … what do we care if they are dead?

I once agreed to participate in a Gallup poll over the phone a few years back. One of the questions (after a series of political ones)was, “Which do you think would win in a fight: a lion or a grizzly bear?” I think I went with grizzly bear, but what surprised me was that someone was probably going to pay Gallup for people’s opinion on this. Was there maybe some marketing firm out there that wanted to know what animal to use for corporate branding, based on which one the public considered a better fighter?