Gorillas Vs. Tigers

If you trained ten full grown male mountain gorillas and ten full grown Siberian tigers to fight to the death in a battle royale, who would emerge victorious?

My children and fiancee are betting on the gorillas.

Specify the arena. Forested, with trees to climb, and big branches to use as clubs or spears? Probably the gorillas. Open savanna, with no major terrain features? Definitely the tigers.

I have no question the tigers would win easily.

There is a record of an adult male gorilla being killed by a leopard one quarter its weight.

Male Siberian Tigers weigh from 400-675 lb, while male Mountain Gorillas are of similar weight, 500-600 lb.

A Gorilla might win an occasional contest by luck, but I would bet on the tiger 9 times out of 10.

Tigers are predators and are designed as killing machines. Gorillas are designed to fight other gorillas. Most of the time they’re just going to defend themselves and not go in for the kill.

I thought tigers are adapted to live in forests, and use trees and foliage for cover while hunting, not open savanna.

Do gorillas make and use spears? Or even clubs?

Rick, Rick, Rick…

Do NOT antagonize the fiancee or the kids over this.

WE know the tigers would win, but give up and “admit” the gorillas would triumph.

It’ll be good practice for marriage, when you’ll be “wrong” about far more important things.

I have to stress the gorillas are TRAINED to fight. That’s a key thing; you’ve got to assume the gorillas would not do what they’d normally do (run away, try to avoid combat) but would make an honest attempt to kill the tigers.

Arena: A basketball court surrounded by a cage strong enough to contain the competitors. 20,000 fans are watching.

Tigers every time. The gorillas have nothing that can do first blow damage like a tiger’s claws.

http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1987/11/21#.U7gsNk1OX4Y"]Relevant wildlife research

Gorillas can climb a cage easily; tigers not so much. If nothing else, the gorillas can force a draw.

They can’t stay on the cage forever, sooner or later they’ll have to come down

Yeah, but they’ll shit on the tigers and blind them before they do. Hilarity will then ensue. :smiley:

I’m betting on the lion.

If we go with the animal that has the best band associated with it, the answer is clear. Gorillaz win in a landslide over Glass Tiger.

I doubt you could train gorillas well enough to make much of a difference. But even with trained gorillas, I’d still go with the tigers. Gorillas just don’t have as much capacity to be instantly lethal.

Last time I checked, no one has written a song called “Eye of the Gorilla”. Rocky montage for the win.

According to QI, in the 1800s people orchestrated fights between grizzlys and lions. Apparently, the bears won every time, smashing the lions’ relatively weak skulls.

Not the same scenario, but somewhat similarish?

Smacking with a forepaw to the head is a typical killing move by a bear. I don’t know that a gorilla would necessarily use the same kind of move.